5e Tomb of Annihilation - OCC


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Library lets you research with no roll needed. But the Inn really only has a few books on the mantle above the fireplace, not really a library but I've already figured one of those books will be an interesting read.
There has to be real library in the city. But interesting read...mulled wine, fireplace and those pesky beat-one-another-for-fun bar hoppers...

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Well I am sorry to report that pbp is not for me. The pacing is one thing but also I was writing the party post and was adding in way to much stuff that had me thinking I should get rolls here and there., but didn't wish to wait any longer.

So I'm gonna cancel this as I find myself looking more into a real life group than posting here.

Sorry again everyone: Good luck to you all.

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