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While we appear to be following "my" plan, I'm not actually trying to force it - I'm absolutely in for whatever the other players want to do - I just pointed out some options.

That said, if no one objects, I do like the plan of a bit in Port Nyanzaru, then north up the bay to Fort Belurian (and back), then up the river and over to Mezro. Seems like a decent bit of adventure to me!

Sorry for the short post and huge time shift, but I didn't want to get to bogged down in questions that would all be answered nearly the same.

"Mowbula will explain everything tomorrow."

Anything else you wanted to do before the party ends please let me know here. I am excited to get started before the holiday week hits just incase people get crazy busy.
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Hmm I hate it doesn't let you know what post you haven't read yet. there were post on the other page I didn't even see. So I'm re-writing what I was thinking of to add in everyone else. Also we could use this as a time to Gather some Information. So let me get an Insight(WIS) DC 15 check from everyone, and I'll allow for Enanthil casting guidance on his brother, probably something he does from time to time.

Please post your results here and I'll add in some rumors to the "party post" for those who succeed.

Library lets you research with no roll needed. But the Inn really only has a few books on the mantle above the fireplace, not really a library but I've already figured one of those books will be an interesting read.

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