D&D General 6 Ability Scores but 4 Classic Classes?


Typically, when people name the traditional D&D or fantasy classes, there are 4:

The Fighter
The Rogue/Thief
The Cleric/Priest
The Wizard/Mage/MagicUser

But D&D the game historical and currently uses 6 Ability scores.
But it doesn't line up. 6 scores but 4 types of characters. And every D&D edition and most D&D adjacent games does this this. 6 but 4. Te Not many games have 6 classe,each wih a different primary or prime ability score.

So just for fun.

If you were going to make your own D&Dspace game for sale and were forced to not only have 6 classes and each tied to a different ability score: What's your Six?

You can choose for flavor or setting reasons for just that game.
You can choose for mechanical reasons for a type of play.
You can choose for combat role, exploration role, or social role reasons because that's your thing
You can choose for personal reason because you hate bards.

What is your Six Classes?


Then discuss each other's choices. How you would change them from traditional or current interpretations? Your difficulty in choosing your six. How you fill the one you cant narrow down. Whichedition or game would be your base? Have Fun.

As usual, I wont taint your thoughts with my picks until you've got a chance ta ponder.

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Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
Oh man. There are several ways to slice this bread. Let's see here...

In an ideal RPG, I'd go with:
Str: Warrior​
Dex: Sneak​
Con: Warrior​
Int: Mage​
Wis: Mage​
Cha: Sneak​

Or, if we're being strict about "each score must be tied to a different and unique class,"
Power: Warrior​
Agility: Sneak​
Mental: Mage​

Or, if I'm forced to stick to only the 5E D&D assigned ability scores and classes,
Strength: Fighter (and make Monk, Paladin, and Ranger into subclasses)​
Dexterity: Rogue (and make Bard a subclass)​
Constitution: Barbarian​
Intelligence: Wizard (then make Artificer and Psion subclasses)​
Wisdom: Cleric (and make Druid a subclass)​
Charisma: Warlock or Sorcerer. Pick your favorite, and then make the other a subclass of it.​

But in all seriousness, I would go with BECM. I know you're shocked and surprised, because I'm always cheering for that particular edition of D&D, but I stand by it. It even has the Prime Requisite mechanic that pretty much outlines exactly what you're describing.
Strength: Fighter​
Intelligence: Magic-User​
Wisdom: Cleric​
Dexterity: Thief​
Constitution: Dwarf​
Charisma: Halfling​

Elves get thrown under the bus Strength or Intelligence, whichever is higher.
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I'd stick with the core 4 for their prime requisites. For Constitution, I'd add in the guardian, basically the guardian would be more durable, the fighter would deal a bit more damage.

For Charisma, I was going to say something like an orator until I realised that would be a terrible profession for a dungeon delving adventurer. Maybe I'd just throw in the bard but feel like I could come up with something better.

For a D&D dungeon exploration game I'd go with:

STRENGTH: Warrior (Athletic and specialized in killing stuff)
DEXTERITY: Rogue (less thief and more swashbuckler, archer, or skirmisher)
CONSTITUTION: Delver (professional explorer, tomb raider, and survivor)
INTELLIGENCE: Mage (a bit of that magic)
WISDOM: Priest (the gods say go forth and loot)
CHARISMA: Herald (can partially take on any role, but focuses on being the face, cheerleader, or commander of the group)

For a D&D space game I'm ripping off Mass Effect:

DEXTERITY: Infiltrator
WISDOM: Sentinel

I know it's not what you asked, but I'd love it to be 3 classes - they all start with "S" because why not?

Soldier = Str/Con
Scoundrel = Dex/Cha
Scholar = Int/Wis

then at 3rd level you'd start to branch out

Edit: and to answer your question, of course the answer is:

Strong Hero
Fast Hero
Tough Hero
Smart Hero
Dedicated Hero
Charismatic Hero


STR: Warrior
DEX: Rogue
CON: Psion (I know that these guys are traditionally Int based, but when I think of psionics in genre, Eleven from Stranger Things probably being the biggest current cultural touchstone, psionics feel like they’re more about withstanding pressures coming from your own body more than being thinky)
INT: Mage
WIS: Conduit (of various forces, be it nature, a god, a patron…)
CHA: Heart of the Party (I’m thinking an archetype focused on buffing allies and navigating social situations, flavor being free form. Bard, Warlord, etc.)


Str: Fighter
Dex: Rogue
Con: Barbarian
Int: Wizard
Wis: Cleric
Cha: Bard

Alternatively, condense the ability scores to Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom and Charisma.
Str: Fighter
Dex: Rogue
Wis: Wizard
Cha: Cleric

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