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D&D General 6 Ability Scores but 4 Classic Classes?


Strength: Fighter
Dexterity: Rogue
Constitution: Barbarian Dwarf plus any other class
Intelligence: Wizard
Wisdom: Cleric
Charisma: Bard Warlord

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The High Aldwin
What is your Six Classes?

STRENGTH: Brute (Barbarian)
DEXTERITY: Scout (Rogue/Ranger?)
CONSTITUTION: Warrior (Fighter)
WISDOM: Hermit (Monk/Druid?)
CHARISMA: Priest (Cleric/Druid?)

The STRENGTH class is the BRUTE, represented in D&D by the Barbarian
The DEXTERITY class is the SCOUT, represented in D&D by the Rogue (in woodlands is easily the "Ranger")
The CONSTITUTION class is the UNSTOPABLE, represented in D&D by the Fighter
The INTELLIGENCE class is the THINKER, represented in D&D by the Wizard
The WISDOM class is the ATTUNED, represented in D&D by the Monk (maybe Druid?)
The CHARISMA class is the DEDICATED, represented in D&D by the Cleric (maybe Druid?)

This break-down offers two warriors, two experts, and two casters (broadly arcane and non-arcane).

Non/semi-represented classes:

Bard: a combination class involving DEX, INT, and CHA
Druid: falls under WIS or CHA depending on slant
Paladin: a combination class involving STR, CON, CHA
Ranger: easily DEX, add in WIS a bit
Sorcerer: is it CON or WIS... I don't see this as CHA
Warlock: basically just a different sort of dedication, so CHA


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
What is your Six Classes?

Knight: strong, tanky, only class to get full melee/armour proficiencies, battle maneuvres, gets more basic skill proficiencies but lacks expertise of specialists.

DEXTERITY: Ranger: stealthy, maneuverable, expertise in dungeoneering/exploring/tracking type skills, slightly frail for a melee class, sneak attack is powerful but melee only vs 'safe' ranged damage.

CONSTITUTION: Sorcerer: this is the magic blaster class not the wizard, but casting has more of a physical toll, you make successful CON checks to cast, or something similar, expertise in arcana but otherwise only a few basic level skill proficiencies.

INTELLIGENCE: Wizard: the magic utility toolbox, expertise in knowledge skills, low offensive capabilties(as in only has cantrip offensive spells)

WISDOM: Cleric: healing, support and buff spells, tanky/armoured but mediocre offensives apart from divine smite and anti-undead/demonic/ect radiant damage, expertise in religion and medicine skills.

CHARISMA: Rogue: expertise in social and slight-of-hand pickpocket skills, bonus skill expertises to freely assign, gets bardic inspiration and the warlord martial support abilities as well as field control traps and debuffs.

----------MARTIAL, MAGIC
DAMAGE: Knight, Sorcerer
SUPPORT: Rogue, Cleric
UTILITY: Ranger, Wizard
(Edit: Rogue and Wizard trade off on their support/utility roles, they're capable of both but each inclined more to one)

Tankiness: Knight > Cleric > Ranger > Sorcerer > Rogue > Wizard
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le Redoutable

Ich bin El Glouglou :)
to build six classes, it would be easy to use biclasses :

beuuuh! stats don't come up!

le Redoutable

Ich bin El Glouglou :)
perhaps using GAYCOP system ( but it's not really novative )

Str Warrrior
Dex Acrobat
Con Yoghin
Int Creator
Cha Orator
Wis Thinker


Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Strength: Champion (warrior/fighter/warlord)
Dex: Rogue
Con: Sorcerer
Int: Scholar (spell-less bard/expert/support)
Wis: Wizard (spellbook and lore)
Cha: Herald (magic emissary/cleric/warlock)


I will give a little pushback in doing a 6-for-6... because if we are keeping things in the D&D mold... then I think what you really want is 12-for-6. You want six martial classes and six spellcasting classes. People always talk about there not being enough martial classes... so if you're going to do this, go all in and give out six full ones.


Strength: THE SLAYER
Constitution: THE TANK
Intelligence: THE TACTICIAN
Charisma: THE BRAVO


Strength: THE EVOKER
Dexterity: THE FILCHER
Constitution: THE BLOODED
Intelligence: THE SCHOLAR
Charisma: THE BINDER


Dirty, realism-hating munchkin powergamer
It's interesting how much world-building weight simply associating magic into certain stat types carries. So many of the tropes of D&D magic, with wizards researching ancient lore, and building reclusive towers and dungeons to carry out magical experimentation, descends from the initial decision to make wizards "intelligent", as in book-smart intelligent, not simply knowledgeable in the ways of the world (like Gandalf), to be able to do complex Vancian magic.

When you divorce that association, you start to get more fairy-tale magic, where magic power is inborn, or a result of a pact or contract. The narrative isn't about "research into natural laws", but more about self-discovery.


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Imma go combo breaker here because I absolutely hate the idea of SAD design.

Stick with 4 class templates, but Instead the abilities are not tied to a specific class, but can customize that class instead. This was done to various degrees of success in 3E/PF1. Mostly it was borked though, but I hope somebody runs with it someday.

Str - Jumping, climbing, prying, grappling, weapon use, etc...
Dex - Dodging, balancing, speed, weapon use, etc...
Con - Fortitude, endurance, physical resistance, etc...
Int - Tactics, technical application, etc...
Wis - Perception, internal will, etc...
Cha - Influence, leadership, etc...

Feats would combo the above into abilities and unlocks. Some classes would allow you to shortcut or ignore prerequisites. Like a ranger getting two weapon fighting despite not having a high enough Dex and Int or something along those lines. This way you can have a wide variety of types per class instead of being locked into the design paradigm that fighter is Str and Ranger is Dex, etc...

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