D&D 5E 9-Page Preview of Nazi Dracula Must Die!

The title is not an unreasonable proposition! This World War 2 D&D setting from Crystal Quill Press is on Kickstarter now. You can download a free 9-page preview.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 3.33.53 PM.png

With new subclasses like Special Ops (ranger), the School of Merlin (wizard), and Sniper (rogue), NPOCs like Merlin, Baba Yaga, Einstein, and, of course, Dracula himself, and a 2-hour adventure for 5th level characters, this weird science setting is all about the pulp action.

The design team is enormous, with about 20 experienced writers and artists, and the company is committed to paying them a fair wage at 20 cents per word for the writers (which is an industry-leading amount!)

You can pick up the PDF for $15, or for $25 you can buy a coupon which lets you buy the physical book a cost from DTRPG later.

It remains to be seen how this Dracula measures up against the Dracula from Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters! Assuming that's him on the cover, he does look a bit like Matt Smith's Doctor Who.


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I backed this yesterday. The concept is compelling enough and the buy-in for a physical copy low enough. Always good to go kill some nazis.

I'll probably allow people to play as elves, dwarves, goblins, and whatnot, if it's not too world-breaking.




Mechanics critiques.

Background: they lack background features. :(


Paladin Oath of Liberty:

Warcry: A bit complex. Given that default CD is a turn, this is a turn plus on more types?
Bring it Down: I thought this was OP, but: on objects. Very interesting. I might have made it double damage (as in siege) instead of critical, to let it stack with a crit, myself, but I can see the other case.
Aura of Endurance: Strong. Possibly should have a list of damage types it works on. Long rest change is a bit of a burden.
Unfettered Liberator: Almost would fit better as an aura.

Overall: It needs the ability to throw a shield. No reason.


Warlock Pan Pact (say that 3 times fast):

Pan’s Stealthy Hoof: Invis + no tracking, 10 minutes instead of an hour, self only. I might have been tempted to throw in a free hide action.
Pan’s Protective Eidolon: Needs wording saying that it cannot be damaged I think? Also, really really evocative, I wish more things where hung off it.
Pan’s Beguiling Pipes: The "save at end of turn" I'd have restricted to be if there is danger or combat going on myself, just so its use out of combat is less "ok it lasts 6 seconds". But again, very evocative. I like.
Pan’s Irresistible Vines: This is crazy strong. Possibly too strong. About the only thing that saves it is that a legendary monster can move out of its radius; but given a sentinal or two PC and this, it could single handedly break even a high level solo's legendary resists.


This is some of the better 5e 3rd party mechanics I've seen.


And I just LOVE the fluff. All of it. Awesome.
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You can always technically make Nazi Dracula use the Mythological Heroes and Maleficent Monsters version as his stat block.

Also might I add that the 30 dollar option for Nazi Dracula Must Die, IIRC, gives you access to the entire Playtest version of it.

A simple and elegant solution for it, thanks! One that saves me having to come up with new histories for every race that gets added, and figuring out where they fit into Earth's history.

You can always reflavor the Elves as "The Fey" and it would probably fit right in. Or just classify them all,dwarves, gnomes, etc etc, as Fey.

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