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A Candlekeep Mystery (IC)


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Cairn tears himself from the pool and steps toward the meenlock elder, his fear gone in the face of Ethian's supporting influence.

The swing of the stone hands is ponderous, but the elder was busy with Crock John and other attacks. They crush the creature deeper into the mire and only soft, giving ground saves the elder from becoming part of the mush.

The warrior tries then to move so it is outside the weird mind-twisting effect of the fey.

Move: step out of the pool (Ethian effect removed fear)
Action: Cairn attack vs elder; damage: 1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26
3D6+4 = [1, 6, 3]+4 = 14

Crit damage: 3D6 = [6, 2, 1] = 9

Bonus: Frost rune activation gaining +2 str and con saves and ability checks for 10 minutes
Move: step away from the elder if possible to be outside of 10' radius without stepping into the deep pool

OOC: please remove Action surge from Cairns stat block, this is the second time I rolled it before remembering I used it in the first round.
Action surge; damage: 1D20+6 = [14]+6 = 20
2D6+4 = [5, 5]+4 = 14
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With an absent wave of his hand, Ethian caused his floating weapon to attack the younger meenlock as it was reaching its pincers toward Cairn. The creature died, and Cairn stepped out of a pool and past Crock Jon, who rested against the wall.

The old meenlock hunkered down in the pool, almost disappearing under the floating moss. Still, Cairn stepped forward and pounded a large fist into the pool, striking it on the head, before stepping back. As the meenlock popped back up, Argenti struck it with a stone. It was shaken and bloodied when Ethian sent a beam of searing light down on it. It was too late for it to duck under, and its skin cracked under the light's intensity.

OOC: Fixed some bookkeeping. Argenti did 12 & Cairn did 23 to Elder; Ethian killed Meenlock & did 5 to Elder. Just @DEFCON 1 Hawthorne to go to roll the round!


With all the confusion going on around them all, Hawthorne didn't even know when things were happening. Realizing that the action had sprung back up again, he shouts "Oh! Me! Fight is happening! What?" and raises his crossbow to fire on the Elder. Of course the giant elemental standing in the way did nothing to help his aim.

OOC: Light crossbow attack: [11]+4=15 miss


The room kept on spinning in Hawthorne's vision from the psychic-static generated by the strange twisted fey. He fired his crossbow, but he wasn't sure if he'd missed, hit, or struck Cairn by mistake. His stomach lurched from vertigo.

OOC: I somehow forgot that I had yet to roll the round.


GM: Encounter: Black Dragon Agents vs Meenlock Elder in Pool Chamber
(General Features)
Difficult Terrain: everywhere (thick moss; uneven ground); Hazards pools
Visibility: dim (faerie fire, twilight);
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Argenti AC14 HP 28/31 THP 7/7 HD 4/4 PP13 SS 1/2
Cairn AC18 HP 21/43 THP 7/7 HD 4/4 PP13** 2W 1/1 AS 0/1
Crock Jon AC14 HP 14/36 THP 7/7 HD 2/4 PP12* SD 4/4 2W 0/1 AS 1/1 cursed
Ethian AC19* HP 16/27 THP 7/7 HD 2/4 PP16* PIns16 SS 3/4 1/3 CD 0/1
Hawthorne AC14 HP 10/31 THP 7/7 HD 4/4 PP17 PInv17 PIns15
Kaliban AC18* HP 13/35 THP 7/7 HD 4/4 PP10* PED 0/4 (d6's) 2W 0/1AS 1/1
Elder Meenlock AC16 HP 31/88 PP19*
Meenlock AC15 HP 0/37 PP14*
GM: End Round Three; Begin Round Four

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Crock Jon wants to vomit as he stands in the damp, dark cave, unable to act. All he thinks is how he is letting his employers down.

OOC: Fear aura save: 1d20+0=9. FAIL.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.

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