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A Candlekeep Mystery (IC)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: I thought he had used relentless endurance, but it seems not:
Relentless endurance used in post 181.
It was available in post 522.
Second wind recharged at 534.
I don't see either used since then.

If that's so, then he'd be at 1 hp,
bonus action Second wind 1d10+4=13, putting him at 14 hp.

In which case, he could (action) disengage (can you disengage form someone you cannot see? If not, he would get an opportunity attack) and move to P30.

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In which case, he could (action) disengage (can you disengage form someone you cannot see? If not, he would get an opportunity attack) and move to P30.
OOC: Okay, yes. This is a bit complicated & corner-case. He can disengage. He doesn't necessarily know that the Elder is still there, but still, he can choose to move cautiously, fearful that it's somewhere. Speaking of fear, he still needs to roll a dc13 WIS save to see if he winds up frightened. It's important only in that Ethian's twilight will remove the condition if he has it, but will give him 7THP if he doesn't.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
OOC: I'm sorry I am being so thick-headed this morning.
Good: Here's the fear save. DC in post 669 was DC11 -- regardless, he makes it: 1d20+0=14.
So he's at 14hp+7thp, having disengaged, and moved to a corner.


Crock Jon's head was swimming and he could no longer tell where the meenlock elder was. It was like a blank-spot in his vision, just a blob of blackness. It was all too much. He had almost felt like falling over and just staying down, but his loyalty to the group and his personal tenacity would not allow it.

Instead, he slunk away, waving his arms around to ward off any claws that might appear from out of nowhere. He slogged through the murky edge of a large puddle until he found a wall to lean on, and he stood there catching his breath and shaking his head, trying in vain to clear it.

Ethian's soft light flowed into him and it soothed him somewhat.

OOC: Crock Jon disengaged, 2nd Winded, & got his THP.

Kaliban centers himself and forces some of the stress and strain from his body. Kaliban raises his bow again and looses an arrow towards the elder meenlock. The arrow finds it's target this time and Kaliban pours the last of his psionic reserves into striking the creature with more force. Kaliban then moves next to Hawthorne so he has a better shot on their enemies.

OOC: Move: Moving to T31
Action: Shortbow attack on meenlock elder: 1d20+5 24 1d6+3 8
Using my last Psi Die to use Psionic strike on elder meenlock. Psionic Strike damage: 1d6+3 9
Bonus: Second Wind: 1d10+4 14

Just a note my AC is 16 because I am not using my shield at the moment.


The mossy ground was squishy under Kaliban's feet (the only indication of a large pool nearby; its waters covered in a layer of floating moss) as the gnome shuffled over next to Hawthorne to get a good line-of-fire. Two could play at the psychic game, and Kaliban sent an arrow and an extension of his will - a psychic spike that tried to blast the mind of the twisted fey creature.

The arrow struck its body, and the psychic spike entered its mind, but its mind was as tough a nut to crack as its thick, wrinkled hide. The elder hissed at him, and his vision blurred and his stomach flip-flopped as the chamber spun around him.

OOC: Yay! A palpable hit! Kaliban did 17 to Elder & 2W'd for 14; Elder did 26 & cursed Kaliban (dc14 WIS save for 1/2; no curse, see below)
GM: The Elder targets a humanoid creature within 30 ft of it, who takes 6d6 psychic damage & is cursed for 1 minute. While cursed the target has disadvantage on WIS & INT saves. (dc14 WIS save for 1/2 damage, no curse).
6D6 = [3, 2, 6, 5, 6, 4] = 26
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Possibly a Idiot.
Argenti moves into the cave, still troubled by the recent clouding of her mind. Finding the big bug, she vents at the creature by striking it with another glowing green stone. "HYAH!"

After taking more of the scene in, she asks "Croc John, are you ok?"

OOC: I was re-reading the thread to see if I had missed anything, and I did. I had actually forgotten that Argenti put a Hex on the big one back in post 717. That would put her down one spell slot.

Moving into the cave for a better LoS, U-32.

Eldritch Blast attack: 1D20+6 = [13]+6 = 19
12 Damage!
Eldritch Blast and Hex Damage 2 is bludgeoning d6 is necrotic the rest is force: 1D10+4+2+1D6 = [1]+4+2+[5] = 12

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