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D&D 5E A Closer Look At January's D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set

WotC earlier announced a D&D Rules Expansion Gift Set for January, which includes three books - Xanathar's Guide to Everything, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, and the new Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse. These were intended for the holidays, but the global production issues mean they'll be out in January. Here's a closer look at them!


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

One important bit of info we don't have is how much MPMotM will pull from outside of VGtM and MToF. As those two have 236 stat blocks combined and MPMotM will have over 250, at least 15 monsters will be from other sources. Of course if not everything from the other two aren't brought in (say if they save the unique creatures like Archdevils and Demon Lords - of which there are 14 in MToF - for a Planescape product bestiary), that number could be much higher. They'll still all be reprints, but they'll be all very neatly and conveniently gathered all in one place instead of scattered over multiple products.

Honestly, this is basically going to be a MM2 in all but name (with bonus PC race material). As I've said elsewhere, I wonder if future adventures will refer back to it (like they do currently with the MM) instead of reprinting monsters from it, and save precious page space...
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Jedi Master
Almost certainly not. It doesn't seem sensible to make Monsters in the Multiverse available as a stand-alone product if the plan is to let MotM/VGtM go out of print and only keep a gift set of all three books in print. More likely is that the gift set will be a limited run and all three individual book will remain in print, even after the revised core books are out.
I may not have been clear, I'm saying that MotM will replace MToF and VGtM once MotM becomes available separately from the gift set. This is because MotM contains all of the monsters and races from MToF and VGtM.

TCoE and XGtE will stay in print, along with the original PHB, MM and DMG until 2024. When the 50AE comes out as a gift set, those 5 would all go out of print, replaced by the new core books, which will condense all 5 of those originals into the new versions.

Ultimately, this process means that current players don't have to replace anything (unless they want to for the 50AE) and new players gain the benefit of getting all the character rules in one place as a new starting point.

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