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Critical Role A key part of Linda Codegas Critical Role Interview


One thing to note in Codega's article is Mercer calling WotC's OGL v1.2 + CC moves on D&D "a grandiose step in a grandiose direction":

Now I'm not a native speaker so maybe I'm understanding it wrong, but isn't grandiose a rather negative term? Kinda like something that has a lot of pomp but not because it deserves to have it, but is big only to have an air of greatness?

If that's the case, Mercer's comment seems like an incredible backhanded compliment. I'd almost say he's dancing around the non-disparagement clause...
It depends on context, it can be good or a bit negative. I think you would have to watch the video to determine how it was intended, I certainly can't tell from your quote. If he said it with a bit of sarcasm it would be bad, if head said it earnestly it would be good.

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It means excessively big or pretentiously impressive. It is a backhanded compliment. If he had meant it as just big, he'd have said grand, not grandiose.
Not necessarily. I mean as @overgreek posted above you, 2 of the 3 meanings are positive. I know when I read the quote I took as a positive endorsement. It really depends on how he said it. It could definitely be a bit negative, but it could be a bit positive too.


I believe that the interview was like 30 minutes after 1.2 was released so he might be completely genuine.

This is an important point. The CC licensing and 1.2 initially looked like they could be a positive step forward. It took a bit longer to actually analyze the documents and realize how little was included in the CC license and how much power WotC was giving itself to manipulate the terms of 1.2.

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
Grandiose absolutely has a negative connotation.

Not necessarily.

When applied to a person, it is usually negative. See, e.g., grandiose personality.

When applied to structures, it is usually positive- there are a fair number of real estate entities called "grandiose," and it is used as a descriptor in certain upscale real estate (unironically).

It's almost as if Mercer used a term that people could interpret however they want! And then people interpret it exactly as they want it to be. Shocker!!!!! :)

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
It's almost as if the super wealthy like excessively big and pretentiously impressive things! ;)

Well, the point is that it is an adjective that is used, unironically, in a positive manner.

What is unsurprising is the contortions people use to try and justify the pabulum from Mercer. He blinked three times! That means he is supporting us and wants them to release a completely open 1.3 license!!!

Is he covered by an NDA or a non-disparagement clause? Maybe. Does he simply have a deal with WoTC? Maybe. Is he just trying to avoid getting into this fight? Maybe.

Point is- he's saying a lot of nothing, and people need to stop reading their preferred narratives into his statements. If he wanted to make a clear statement, he would. He does not, so he has not. That's all you need to know.

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