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Critical Role A key part of Linda Codegas Critical Role Interview


Point is- he's saying a lot of nothing, and people need to stop reading their preferred narratives into his statements. If he wanted to make a clear statement, he would. He does not, so he has not. That's all you need to know.
CR's statements are masterfully written in a way that makes you feel like Matt Mercer is on your side, even though he has not actually said any such thing (or, indeed, anything at all).

It's quite impressive, really.
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...ORC is not about creating a dominant product or a "new D&D".

Don't you think that will be the end result? Otherwise, what is the point of it?

Plenty of other games have come out with some form of creative commons agreement. Why were all those games able to be released that way without the ORC existing?

The ORC seems to be about maintaining compatibility with material released under the old OGL, no? This is why it's being spearheaded by those whose output relies most upon access to that license.... Paizo, Kobold, Goodman, and the like. Yes, others have signed on, and that solidarity is a good thing, sure... I'm all for smaller companies taking on the big one.

As I said, I've been watching from afar, so I certainly could be wrong. I mean, I get that they're going to try and include multiple systems that already exist as like a community or industry standard, and sure, that's cool. But I don't see how it's not also, and probably primarily, about maintaining access to the OGL material that many products rely upon to exist and function. Which keeps things largely D&D adjacent.

And honestly, that's fine... I'm not against that or anything. But I read Mercer and Ray's comments here and, as limited as they are, I can't help but interpret it as a call to actual diversity and creativity... in making new things instead of perpetually relying on the old ones. And I think that idea appeals more to me than just watching people continue to make stuff that's D&D in all but name.


Not sure where to put this, but more from Linda Codega possibly coming up...



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CR 1/8
Perhaps I used the wrong word. I never said, nor intended to insinuate, that anyone was doing something wrong by using the OGL 1.0(a). That is your projection, not my intent or even what I said. Please note I included myself (we) as being "spoiled."
I understand that your intent wasn't intended negatively, and didn't mean to attack you personally. I only wanted to stress that certain words can diminish imo legitimate concerns of the 3pps and creators who feel they are at risk.
I apologize for being so abrasive toward you.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Not necessarily.

When applied to a person, it is usually negative. See, e.g., grandiose personality.

When applied to structures, it is usually positive- there are a fair number of real estate entities called "grandiose," and it is used as a descriptor in certain upscale real estate (unironically).

It's almost as if Mercer used a term that people could interpret however they want! And then people interpret it exactly as they want it to be. Shocker!!!!! :)
Yes, “has a negative connotation” does not exclude having a positive and/or neutral connotation as well. Which one is being used is usually determined by context.

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