A League of Their Own (Amazon)

Argyle King

Short Version: I'm 3 episodes in, and I'm enjoying it thus far.

Further Thoughts: I grew up with the old movie. Newer TV shows which retread old stuff aren't always good, so I was unsure what to expect. I have been pleasantly surprised.

Storywise, the show is keeping me engaged.
The show is a good example of how to represent marginalized communities in a story and do so in a way which fits rather than feeling forced (even in the context of a time period which was less accepting). Likewise, it highlights a lot of social issues which were hurdles for groups to overcome (in a less-accepting time period,) and does so in a way which seems natural. Being female, LGBTQ+, a certain race, and so-on are components parts of multifaceted characters, rather than being the defining feature of "token" one-dimensional approaches used in other shows and movies.

I'm only on episode 3, but (to this point) I feel that the show manages to keep the appeal of the original movie; address intersectionality; and grow into a good story of its own -taking inspiration from something old to build something new.

So far, the only "downside" is that sometimes it's difficult for me to not hear Princess Tiabeanie when the main character speaks. (Elfo isn't as noticeable.)

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My wife and I binged the entire series the weekend it came out. We really loved it, although I don't think either of us was 100% satisfied with it being split into two separate series the way it was. From a historical standpoint, Max can't integrate the Peaches, but as a result, League is essentially two shows where, every few episodes, the leads of each meet and talk and "have" catch.

It might have been better to have made them as two separate concurrent series, although that would have been a bigger ask of Amazon, no doubt.

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