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World of Kulan DM
Hi all,

I'm considering starting up a 2nd D&D v.3.5 game set in my homebrewed setting, World of Kulan. I already have some interest from [MENTION=49929]Scott DeWar[/MENTION]. This game won't be set in the Lands of Harqual like my Aerie of the Crow God game. Instead it would likely be set on the world's largest continent, Kanpur, or maybe The Fallenlands. I haven't decided yet.

Starting level will around 1st- to 5th-level depending on the adventure I choose. For Kanpur, the starting point might be Bard's Gate (as per the d20 system book by Necromancer Games). I have no less than 15 adventures set in the region known as The Far North. However, I don't have a detailed map of the whole region. (I now have a map that shows the southern half of the region, which would work.)

For the Fallenlands, I'm not sure. There is a heavily homebrewed version of The Lost City on the continent, but the module was played through in my world already. I guess it could be the home base for the PCs exploring the rest of the continent. (Reminder to self: must look up level requirement for Masque of Dreams adventure.) As well, the races for the continent are very different.

I'd want at least four players for this game to go ahead. Since my D&D v.3.5/OGL library is substantial, PC options are nearly limitless. Restrictions are based on continent and region. However, if I don't own a book, its not included in my game. Potential players can see my collection on this thread. The world has a forum (linked above) and a social group here on E.N. World, as well as a Facebook page. There is also another forum over on The Piazza.



World: Kulan (homebrewed)
Continent: Kanpur
Region: The Far North (influence from both The Northwest and The Horse Lands)
City: Bard's Gate (d20 Book from Necromancer Games)

Starting Level: 7th-level.
Starting Gold: 19,000 gp
Roll for Stats: 4d6 nine times (drop lowest die), pick best six, arrange as desired.
Campaign Bonus: Bonus feat or bonus magical item (see Post #25).

Confirmed Players
Scott DeWar | Shrough d'Aringeir (male gray elf, wizard/fighter/eldritch knight)
Shades of Eternity | Borya Dima Grisha (male human, cleric)
Chuckfar | Caldrin Auvreaundlin (male gray elf, rogue)
Trogdor1992 | Vak'tiel Andrasei (male tiefling, barbarian)
kinem | Sarten (male kobold, warmage)
Scotley | (male catfolk, ranger)
JustinCase | (male kenku, ?)


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World of Kulan DM
Possible race options for a Kanpur game.

Dragonborn [Modified] †
Elf, gray
Goatfolk [Ibixian] [MM3]
Halfling, tallfellow
Ondonti [Forgotten Realms]

Nonstandard (player needs to have the source)
Asherake [Complete Minions (d20)]
The Baklath
Centaur, nomadic [The Horde (2E)] (restricted) *
Domovoi [Frostburn]
Dover [Complete Minions (d20)]
Elf, wood [Twin Crowns version (d20)]
Gnome, forest
Half-Goblin [Bastards & Bloodlines (d20)]
Kreen, Jor [Dark Sun]
Lizardfolk, blackscale [MM3]
Skarren [Complete Book of Denizens (d20)]
Uldra [Frostburn]
Zeidian [Complete Book of Denizens (d20)]

† Homebrewed racial traits. For the rakasta, it is possible to use the Conversion Library version here on E.N. World so that LA doesn't come into play. (I think the conversion has an LA of 0.)

* Looking for a v.3.5 conversion of its racial traits. Until I find something I'm sure will work, the race is considered restricted.
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World of Kulan DM
Actually, for The Fallenlands, you can see a full list of races over at The Piazza: http://www.thepiazza.org.uk/bb/viewtopic.php?p=113886#p113886

However, it would be best to limit to the following choices...

Standard Races
Common: Fallenlanden bakemono (†), Fallenlanden hengeyokai (†), Fallenlanden kenku (†), fremlin (†), Sahne [halfling] (†), and Throkr [kreen] (†).
Uncommon: Goliath, hadozee, mongrelfolk, nagpa (†).
Rare: Buckawn (†), chromithian [d20], dragonborn, Cyradi [human] (†), quissian [d20], and sendasti [d20].

Secondary Races
Common: Armand, baklath (†), kech [d20], knük [d20], and rhoode [d20].
Uncommon: Banderlog [d20] and mephling.

† Homebrewed racial traits.
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World of Kulan DM
The Ondonti is in one of the Tome of Horrors from Necromancer. I believe it has a conversion on the Creature Catalog, but the CC doesn't seem to be working right now. I do know the race is tied to the Forgotten Realms, so it might be in one of the 3.5 books for the world. I'll check my sources.
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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Yup I had found it with a sight search on En World or maybe your sight: A peaceful orc race. I will keep looking.

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