Level Up (A5E) A5e Cultures for the Dragonborn in O5e Settings.


You're playing a Dragonborn who hails from either the Draconic Nation of Tymanther in the Forgotten Realms or from the Dragon continent of Argonessen in the Eberron setting, which A5e cultures would you pick for your character?

I have been wondering about this since getting my hands on the A5e Adventurer's Guide and from playing a Dragonborn Fighter in O5e (Scout variant) in a VTTRPG with my friends. My character hails from the town of Ruinspoke in Tymanther. From what I have read in the Forgotten Realms Wiki, Tymantheran Dragonborn sound like they live within the Imperial culture because of their time serving in nation's armed forces, the Lance Defenders. However, the Tymantheran Dragonborn sound like they might also have had the Dragonbound or the Tyrannized cultures from their time on Abeir. I am left wondering which of the three could work for my character in the event I bring him over to A5e. All three have pretty good cultural benefits. ;)

As for the Dragonborn of Argonessen, it could be either Dragonbound or Godbound (the Eberron wiki mentions that they practically worship their draconic progenitors). The Q'barran Dragonborn could be Forgotten Folx.

What A5e cultures have you applied to the various cities and nations in O5e settings? curious

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I'm not very familiar with the Tymantheran area of the Realms, sounds like a piece of the other continent that collided with Faerun during the era of 4th edition D&D, before it moved again but large chunks of it remained.

Look at at the Origins table on page 25, Imperial does seem to fit quite well, and as a scout that could be what your character did during his or her required service to their state.

I see they have a strong religion, mostly with Bahamut (and illegal worship of Tiamat) so perhaps Godbound could be interesting. Of course Dragonbound & Dragoncult are potentially strong choices. Worship if Tiamat is illegal, your character perhaps grew up as a member of her cult.

Good luck, sounds like a fun character. The Origins system is perhaps the best part of A5E. :)

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