Adric Fel - Errors in Character Sheet

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Well that's fantastic.

I understand your point about the artwork not matching the character. That, to me, isn't even the crux of the post.

The "errors in character sheet" don't lie in the fact that the sheet doesn't match the comic, but rather that the sheet and the builder doesn't match.

Also, Zaran, perhaps part of the reason why he was made a "Knight" is that there is the closest thing you can get into a Warlord with the Essentials stuff. Of course, I don't pay much attention to 4eE, but there perhaps is an Essentials version of a Warlord out there..

That's what I was thinking until this month's issue in which Tisha is shown to be a standard PHB warlock. The three characters they've statted out prior (Ardic, Khal, Varis) were all Essentials builds (Knight, Cavalier, and Scout).

I was kind of surprised that Varis was a Scout rather than a Hunter. Initially he used his bow more than his melee weapons. If you're going to knitpick on party balance, that also means they are sans a contoller as well as a leader. You have two defenders and three strikers.

Now all that said, it's not bothering me. But I am am both a comics nerd and a gamer nerd, so of course I noticed. :)
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first of all i agree there are problems with the sheets (like the +2 shield). but there is no way he could be a warlord (i do think he should be a phb 1 tide of iron style fighter but hey what ever) or else bree would not be there healer...

also I think 2 melee (like there is any other kind) defenders 1 melee striker, 1 ranged striker, and a back up striker who can be range or melee... is perfect.


Okay, big nerd that I am, I attempted to replicate ol' Adric on the CB myself. Here's what I found:

1) I think the chainmail is a typo. You give him scale (as depicted in the artwork) and it solves the check penalties and AC issue (scale grants 1 more point to AC and does not impose check penalties. That just leaves his AC and Reflex at 2 less than depicted in the comic book character sheet, which as already mentioned, is due to the erroneous +2 magic shield.

2) I get him as having 66 HP instead of 65. My figure is correct (15 Con + 15 for his class at 1st = 30; 6 hp per levels 2 through 7 = 6x6=36; 30+36+66)

3) His ability scores were generated using the "balanced scores" array from the Essentials books: 16, 14, 14, 11, 10, 10. He places his +2 for being human on Strength to get an 18. He assigned 14 and 11 to Con and Dex then added 1 point to each at 4th level to get 15 and 12. Then used 10, 10, and 14 for Int, Wis, and Cha.

4) His initiative should be +6

5) His attack bonus should be +13 instead of +11. I think they excluded to +2 for his magic weapon. On the other hand his damage bonus should be +8 instead of +9.


2) I get him as having 66 HP instead of 65. My figure is correct (15 Con + 15 for his class at 1st = 30; 6 hp per levels 2 through 7 = 6x6=36; 30+36+66)
It's a fairly common mistake to forget about increasing max hit points when increasing Con. It looks like that's what has happened here.


Perhaps instead of saying "the character sheet is wrong", we could just post a corrected version of the character sheet that does match the comic...


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From Adric's thoughts before the fight with the orc champion, I'd give him the Master-of-Arms feat (he claims to be well-versed in all sorts of weapons).

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