[Adventure] The Jade Ring (DM: Dimsdale)


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The two fighters and the sorcerer unleash brutal attacks against the distraught necromancer. This...this is not supposed to be happening!!!! He swings his staff at Haaku, but misses, clearly not used to melee combat. He attempts to run.

GM: @jbear Leather has marked him. Roll your cc. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but if Leather misses and the necro is allowed to move, Haaku will get an OA. Let's resolve all of this before I finish the rest of the post...

GM: High Priest:
attack: miss with staff attack vs Haaku
movement: move to current location on map (not moved yet until the CC has been resolved)

Summons Chill Zombie.
attack: pending...

Leather reaches out and collars the necromancer. He smashes the hilt of his axe into the man's face hard. Between his vice like grip and the shocking strike he stops the spellcaster in his tracks and holds him there.

[sblock=OOC] OAtk: MBA but can use Grappling Stike : 20 vs AC=Hit for 11 dmg and immobilises the necromancer TENT [/sblock]

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Haaku's blows grow even more ferocious and brutal as the necromancer weakens. He shows no mercy, tearing the feeble spellcaster apart with sword and claw.

[sblock=Actions]Standard: Twin Strike HITS Necro AC 29, 20 with the help of Heroic Effort for 29 damage
Result: Necro takes 32 damage, and then takes 11 more at the start of his turn from Rain of Steel

[sblock=Statblock]Haaku - Male Human Ranger|Fighter 5
Initiative: +6, Passive perception: 26, Passive Insight: 16
AC:21 Fort:19 Ref:20 Will:16
HP: 40/45 Bloodied: 22 Surge value: 11 Surges/day: 6/8
Speed: 6 squares, AP: 0, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0
Melee Basic Attack: +12 vs AC, 1d8+11 (off-hand)
Equipment: +1 Rhythm Blade Short Sword, Chatkcha, Javelins(2), Potions of Healing (2), Adventurer's Kit
Notes: +3 damage vs bloodied targets

Powers:Twin Strike, Footwork Lure, Hunter's Quarry, Heroic Effort[], Sohei Flurry[X], Off-hand Strike[X], Rain of Blows[X], Invigorating Stride[], Jaws of the Wolf[X], Rain of Steel[X][/sblock]


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OOC: You guys can continue the next two rounds if you want, but it looks as though the necro is toast. Can I proceed with what happens next assuming that you had killed the necro, or do you want to draw the battle out until completion?


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[sblock=OOC] Up to you. The chill zombie seems like a pretty difficult challenge. The necro I agree is pretty well neutralised.

I am more than happy to wrap up the combat if that is what you prefer dimsdale. [/sblock]


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ooc: let's wrap this up

As the party finishes off the necromancer the frozen undead shatters into pieces. All is calm for a moment. The cleric quickly moves to the alter where the still body of Mr. Sams lies. After he inspects the body he looks up to the others He's...he's alive! Give me a few moments to aid him. He then goes to work chanting prayers of healing. Quickly Mr. Sams shows signs of healing as the cleric's skills are quite good.

As the cleric continues his work, the sound of cracking tile occur at the same spot on the floor at which the strange glowing orb of necrotic power vanished under the floor. Soon the tile begins to glow a searing red color. Smokes spews upward for a moment before a thunderous explosion rocks the room. As the smoke clears and the party regains their bearings the notice a thin human dressed in rags stands next to the holes from which was created by the blast.

[sblock=Perception 16]
The rags he wears are rags used to wrap the dead prior to burial.

As the party stares at the new arrival, the cleric stops and looks up as well. He opens his mouth to say something but stops. It is clear to all that observe brother Navio that he is visibly shaken. You...I thought you were....dead!

The human turns slowly to the cleric. I was...but now I live again. I was once evil, caring only for myself...with a strong lust for power and glory... The new arrival dips his head so his eyes focus on the now breathing and moving body of Mr. Sams. But now...I do not feel this anymore... I...have changed...

GM: story recap... You have a mysterious jade ring. You learned that it has the power to teleport but unfortunately it requires an energy source. The energy source that is needed is a strange metal which can store an extremely large amount of electric charge. it was rumored that Mr. Sams knew of this metal and might have some. As you looked for him you were ambushed by a rival of Mr. Sams named Mr. Blue, a ruthless gang lord. After defeating him you learned that Mrs. Sams was being held captive. Your search lead you here where you discovered that the now slain necromancer was in the process of performing a ritual designed to capture the soul of Mr. Sans, which you successfully stopped, but at what cost?...

GM: you all have earned a lot of experience, gold and loot. One member of the party has earned a magic item (Hakuu) I need the others to pm me a magic item of n+2 of your choice. Once this is done I will state your xp totals and gold you've earned. In the meantime there is a strange man, once dead, but now alive among you. It is obvious that the cleric some how knows this person and is quite taken aback. Feel free to role play here


Son of Meepo

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OOC: @dimsdale, Your messagebox is full, so posting the item request here.

[sblock=Item][h=3]Gadgeteer's Goggles
Level 8 Uncommon[/h]The residuum suspended in these lenses helps you see through the complexities of the deadliest traps.
Head Slot 3,400 gp
[h=4]Property[/h]You gain a +4 item bonus to Perception checks and Thievery checks to detect and disable traps.

Encounter (Minor Action)[/h]You make a Thievery check to disable a trap.[/sblock]


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OOC: @dimsdale We killed Mr Sams, he was the usurper. This fellow who the ritual was being performed on must be Mr Blue, the guy we were looking for originally.

[sblock=Item]War Axe: Dwarven Thrower +2 (level 7)

Assuming we have levelled up: Won't need Quick Draw feat anymore -> Retrain for Weapon Proficiency: War Axe

"People don't change" growls Leather tightening his grip on his axe and moving towards the new comer menacingly. "Brother Navio, who is this? What is this? Give me a reason not to split its skull open while it is weak and vulnerable."
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