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[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of House Cannith (Judge: Evilbob)


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OOC: we will be cleaning out the safe completely so if nobody else has them then they are safely placed into Karananak's backpack. My Imp can move up to 20 squares from Karananak and for a minor action each round I can keep her invisible to everyone else. Imps have darkvision.

The swarm turns back into his wilden form then holds up a rough hand for the others to hold position and says something in a hissing language that sounds like fire burning paper and leaves to the tiny devil on his shoulder. Eve flaps up off of the swarm's back type area and vanishes, flying up the darkened passage to take a look. "It bein time fer dis ere tiny danca tuh be earnin er fya wata. Ital be jus a bit for I an I be knowin what lie ahead den."
[sblock=Translation]"Its time for this here tiny dancer to earn her keep. It'll be just a bit until she finds out what lies ahead."[/sblock]

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OOC: The treasure distribution sounds good to me. Regarding the papers we will take everything in the safe, or at least Kaelan will try to.

Kaelan nods to Thalin's idea but decides to let the druid explore ahead this time.


[sblock=judge action]Parcel 1: 840gp (Level +0 gold parcel) - goes to 354b (hornedturtle)

Parcel 2: 1x Alchemist's Spark, 1x Clockwork Bomb, 1x Acidic Fire, 355gp (cost equals 840gp for a Level +0 gold parcel) - goes to Thalin (Mezegis)

You can link to this post on your character sheets.[/sblock]


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The imp proceeds up the staircase as far as she can, but doesn't find anything out of the ordinary. It appears to be just a staircase, similar to the one the group walked down to reach the trapped hall.


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The Darkened Stair 2:

After less than a minute, and Eve gets 100ft up the unlit staircase, the Imp vanishes from her location of hovering over the steps, reappearing next to the druid. She hisses and squeaks to him before dropping down onto the crook of his arm once more. "It bein time fah dee bonesin light majiks again den, ifn yuh be so kind. Eve ere dint see notin fah an undrad feet up dem steps trute." Karananak turns to the elven monk before continuing. "I an I bein elpin yuh den to be lookin fah dee traps an such ifn yuh don be mindin. An once us lot be gettin tuh where dis ere devil got befer, I an I be sendin her oat again an again." He morphs back down into swarm form before following the monk up the stairs once they have a light source.
[sblock=Actions]Free: Speak
Wild Shape
Move: up stars to the 100ft mark
Standard: Aiding another Perception.[/sblock][sblock=Swarmwhisper]Karananak Bole—Male Wilden Druid 4; Resist 5 Fire, (Resist 4 Melee/Ranged in Beast Form)
Initiative: +2, Low-Light, Passive Perception: 22, Passive Insight: 22
AC: 17, Fort: 18, Reflex: 15(17 in beast form), Will: 19 — Speed: 6
HP: 45/45, Bloodied: 22, Surge: 11, Surges left: 8/11
Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind: Used, Milestones 0
Powers -
Savage Rend
Locust Swarm
Chill Wind

Scattered Form
Voyage of the Ancients/Wrath of the Destroyer*/Pursuit of the Hunter
Battering Claws

Summon Pack Wolf
Healing Infusion

Item Powers:
Beast Hide Armor (Encounter: Shift 2 in beast form)

Character Sheet
[/sblock][sblock=OOC]I love being able to use the invisible flying scout I spent 2 feats to get, finally.[sblock=Translation]Its time for the bouncing light magic again, if you'd be so kind. Eve here didn't see anything for 100ft up the staircase.

I'll be helping you look for traps if you don't mind. Once we get to where she was before I can send her out again if needed.


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GM: Just so y'all know what's happening, since Vertexx wants to aid a perception check, I'm waiting for someone to actually make one before posting an update. If it takes longer than another day or so, I'll just move on.


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Thalin looks around, and then heads up the staircase, staying just inside the torchlight from 354b's disc. When he reaches something other than stairs, he pauses to give it a once over. Assuming it looks safe, he interacts with it as best he can figure out. Open door/pull lever/tug rope/etc...

OOC: Perception:1d20+7=10


First Post
OOC: I was refering to Kaelan, the monk that's first in marching order and has the +15 mod to his perception checks before we add our aid another checks to it, as opposed to just anyone. (I have a +12 to mine without help.)


OOC: And here I thought that the druid was going to take point as a swarm. Nevermind that.

Scouting a little bit ahead of the rest of the party, Kaelan tries to keep his senses as sharp as possible, after all, he'd seen enough traps already.

"One thing is for certain", he whispers to himself as he moves forward, "as soon as we're out of here I'll get some training on disarming traps."

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