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Adventurers Found! Sea's Righteous Might Leaving Soon!


reddist said:
Okay then. Looks like just you and me! Hrm... I know I originally intended a sort of "wilderness/eploration" type of game when this whole thing started, but then we got on a long side-track w/in the city. Is there a particular sort of game/scenario you'd like to play with Bran?

Here's why I ask... One of the things I like to do with these sorts of games is continue to flesh out my homebrew world. For example, Swift Rock Bay didn't even exist IMC until this last game happened, and now its a "fixture," and it includes elements that we came up with during our game. So if there is a particular type of game you'd like... exploratory, dungeon or wilderness, city based, etc.. there are elements of my homebrew that we can use and expand upon, and you players help me expand and flesh out things about my homebrew I didn't know about until we do it.

So... what I'm saying is that I'm open for pretty much anything. Whatcha think?

A long side-track, but a fun one eh? It's really too bad the player of Marisa isn't returning. The synergy we had was great :(.

Well, to tell you the truth, I'm open as well :p. Sorry not being to hepful, but you could really roll a die to determine where we go from here. I just want to play. For continuity's sake, though, we can continue the current adventure and pretend like the other guys never existed. You know, start with the SRM sailing off, or a day before for the other people. Better yet, we can pretend that there were some explosives that were not found and the SRM did get blown up, but somehow I survived.

Truth is, I'd like to stay level 3, but I can drop Bran down to level 2 if you want it that way. I just want some continuity for Bran, since there is that chance, you know?

Where do we go from there? Who knows.

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First Post
Hmm... one obvious thing would be to start with a group of PCs landing on the Island the SRM was originally heading for... and then we could get into the "exploratory/wilderness" think I had originally planned way back when.

I might do that.


First Post
Yo Animus!

Okay, long story and if yer ever in KC you can buy me a beer and I'll tell ya about it.

TONIGHT I am working on drafting some game related material to ressurect this game. *IF* we want to stick with this, my thought is this....

I shipwreck you. If anyone else is listening to this thread and want to try to pick this game back up, now would be the time to speak up! Otherwise, we send out a call to new players, and they would be the survivors who find themselves on shipwrecked and stranded on a beach with you.

If you do NOT want to specifically stick with THIS game, let me know and we can explore something else. Bran is perfectly viable in other situations I think, and I actually had a lot of fun with the more "city" oriented game, despite the orginal intent of the SRM's expedition.

So I give you a choice, if you're willing to stick with me... either the SRM's expedition was a bust and you returned to Swift Rock Bay empty handed, or you DID find something, though it was not quite what you expected...

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