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Air Conditioner Madness (What do you set yours at?)

What temperature do you usually keep your AC set at when you're home and awake on hot days?

  • 78 F / 25.5 C or above

    Votes: 8 10.3%
  • 76-77 F / 24.5-25 C

    Votes: 13 16.7%
  • 74-75 F / 23.5-24 C

    Votes: 9 11.5%
  • 72-73 F / 22-23 C

    Votes: 16 20.5%
  • 70-71 F / 21-21.5 C

    Votes: 7 9.0%
  • 69 F / 20.5 C or below

    Votes: 11 14.1%
  • Have AC but don't know what temperature the room is

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Don't have AC even though it often gets above 86 F/30 C

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Don't have AC, but it rarely gets to 86F/30 C here

    Votes: 12 15.4%

  • Total voters


18-22 C, 20 is recommended but I like to got a little higher for that cozy feel.

25C in a cold room, but then adjust down once it warms up

What do you keep the cooling at in the summer was the question (and I should have looked up what the cooling system was called in different places since half the world or.ao.ia worried about the warming one instead right now!)

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We recently got a new air conditioning and heating units for our house (our old units were 30+ years old; we're in the US south where we will have at least a couple days each summer over 100 F/37.8 C).

When I mentioned what temperature we keep our house at in the summer (77 F = 25 C) a bunch of friends here were shocked we kept it that high, even if it's a degree F lower than what the US Department of Energy recommends. Being from the upper-midwest in the US, I was surprised that so many folks in the US south (where we are now) had it set so low compared to what I was used to (I would have thought they would be more heat tolerant).

So, what do you keep your AC set at when you're at home and awake on hot days? In the comments, I'm particularly interested in what region of the world you're from and the region you live in now.
Anything I’ve 21C is really uncomfortable. Speaking as a Brit.


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Yep, no air conditioner here. Temperature rarely exceeds 30. But on the occasional days it does, man is it hard to function in a country largely without air conditioning!


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What do you keep the cooling at in the summer was the question (and I should have looked up what the cooling system was called in different places since half the world or.ao.ia worried about the warming one instead right now!)
Yep 18-22 in summer too


Here in hot Houston, we run at 70F during the day, 66F at night. In the winter, we have it off and the windows open to bring in that nice cold air.


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Only the bedroom of my house is air conditioned. During hot days, I leave the A/C on in there set at 72F, so the cats have someplace cooler to escape to.


When it’s bad in Los Angeles I seal up the living room and set the AC to 72 for about an hour. That keeps the area cool enough for a few hours then as temps lower I open the windows. Sometimes I have to do that a few times as we get an annoying amount of sun.


No AC here...

I live in southern New England, and the summer generally gets around the mid 80's F/high 20's C towards the end of June, then high 80's F/30-ish C to the middle of August, with a week or week and a half of hotter temps around the last week of July/first week of August.

I never had an AC unit growing up, and only really ever run a fan when it's either ridiculously hot or the humidity is really high. I'm old-skool New Englander all the way - we're legally obligated to remain stoic and unconcerned about any and all weather conditions short of the sun going nova or the heat-death of the universe, lol.
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I work in property management for a major American retailer. We try to keep our some 2K retail locations at 74F. Since my experience with that, I've taken to maintaining that temp in the summer here in the Twin Cities mid-U.S..


No AC here (definitely not standard in Germany). It tends to get hotter here for extended periods of time in summer (hello climate change!), and when it does I wish I had AC.
It would probably sit around 22 oder 23°C, then, if I didn't have to leave the house much, and 25 or 26°C if I did.


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75 to 77.... Given it hit 112 today, and might be hotter tomorrow, I'm glad we put AC in when we bought this house a couple years ago ... Portland shouldn't be this hot....I admit to looking at other locations this week for housing....


Cold fronts here. That dark stuff is from Antarctica, otherwise mild until it got here.


Started snowing briefly walking to the shop.

22C inside, wind-chill supposed to be from -5 to -20. Thankfully on the coast mitigates that to some extent.

Generally an average of 72 F. We set it higher during the day (my office is in the coolest room in the house, so there's no sense in blasting it) and lower at night.

The cats, they flock to the (finished) attic, which has no ductwork. It's the one place they declare a truce.


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My wife wants them all set to 69F. We have window ones, not central air so the room(s) she's in have it set to that, and I'm just in my office with the windows open unless it's really humid. Though truth to tell, the window units don't really get it down that low during the day - the compressors never go off.

Though I have gotten used to sleeping with it like that so she can sleep. I need to wear a sheet over my body and a blanket over my legs. Brrrr.

My kids are split - one of them was wearing a hoodie in an un-airconditioned room for most of yesterday during the heat wave (101-109F) while the other matches my wife and likes it cold.


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Sorry to hear that, window units are so damn noisy. Better than nothing tho!
That's a selling feature for my wife, especially when trying to sleep -- she likes the white noise.

But yeah, I'm with you.

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