Air Pirates: Episode 1: The Revenge of The Air Pirates: The IC thread.

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Athelstan, 36/36hp, AC 15

Initiative: 5

Holding back for a moment while the others rush the startled guards, the air dims briefly around Athelstan as he draws in necromantic energy which coalesces into a crackling black dagger, which flies out to stab at a wounded guard.

OOC: Fell Animated Spiritual Weapon attacks the most wounded guard; if a guard falls and is bleeding to death, it will attack that one until he dies.

Spiritual Weapon Atk: 19+7=26. Crit Confirmation: 1d20+7=9. Damage: 1d8+1=9.


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May, elan psion; HP 24/24, PP 38 of 39 (35 0f 39 at end of round)

Initiative 3! [sblock] [/sblock]

IC: As the group finally made their way up the stairs and into the open air, May lingered, taking one last look back the way they had come. Had everyone made it out? Did they want to compound the chaos of their escape by releasing some other prisoners?

Her mental meanderings were rudely interrupted by the sounds of combat, and she looked around to see her friends already engaging the party of guards. Almost sadly, she called forth a field of psychic power, cloaking her body in an invisible layer of armor.

OOC: Manifesting Inertial Armor, with 2 PP of Augmentation; cost 3 PP, +5 AC for 5 hours, total AC 17 (t 17/FF 15)


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The barrage of energy, summoned creatures, and so forth kills all the guards instantly. It's funny...for you. You are now free to run onto the airship.

OOC: They were just Warrior Level 1s.


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WarlockLord said:
... and so forth kills all the guards instantly. It's funny...for you.

OOC: Given the Fell Animated Spiritual Weapon picking off the bleeders, do I get a few Human Zombie minions? :]


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Thirian, AC: 20, 40/40 hp

[sblock=ooc]Sorry it took me so long, the pressures of moving. But I'm back now.[/sblock]

Thirian strides towards the ship, his flail casually hanging over his shoulder, quietly scraping against his chain shirt. "Climb aboard crew, let's get out of this place!"

They should no they cannot keep us captive, they paid for their foolishness with much death of many men. Their corpses make us stronger now.

Voda Vosa

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"At last!" shouts Vasintze "Lets get on our baby, and maraud the mob that threw tomatoes to us! Ñajajaja" The warlock hits one of the fallen guards with his mace in the face. The blood spills as the warlock smiles with sadism.


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Marius, 27/27 HP, AC: 10

Scrap flies fast to the ariship and Marius walks after him, nearly slipping on a pool of blood. He curses, then mutters, "Guards got what they deserved. Stupid fools like this disgrace thier kind. Thier fate was to die here, at our hands."


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"COME BUTTERBALL!!" Ariel shrieks.

The dire bat sweeps over to her, its massive wings kicking up a cloud of dust as it goes. It grabs her upstretched arms with its feet, and lifts her up and over to the deck of the ship, dropping her onto the deck from a few feet up just before it vanishes back to wherever it had come from.

"Yay! We win!" she exults.


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Pyrex said:
OOC: Given the Fell Animated Spiritual Weapon picking off the bleeders, do I get a few Human Zombie minions? :]

Yes. Take 2. The ones from the MM.

You approach your ship. As you go up the boarding ramp, everything seems quiet. It finally dawns on you all that you are finally free, and can do things such as bombard certain people with tomatoes. Ariel's words come to mind.

Shayuri said:
"Yay! We win!" she exults.

"Not so fast, fools," comes a voice from behind you. Looking back, you see a man in black robes, followed by a warforged carrying a MASSIVE sword on his back. They are about 30 feet behind you. They look pretty tough.

"You will probably wonder why the guards were so incomptent. This is because our king, knowing your propensity toward grandiose escapes, has decided to allow us to kill you. We wanted it to be a...somewhat fair fight, so you were allowed to keep your equipment." As your human antagonist launches his boring monologue, he casts some sort of odd spell on his left hand, elongating it into some kind of shadow.

What worries the party spellcasters most is that they have NO idea what the heck he just cast. It follows no known principles of magic or psionics, and it seems utterly alien...and terrifying.

The warforged draws his sword and goes into a stance. This is not the stance of a convential warrior. It reminds you of the time you robbed those monks...before you learned they had taken a vow of poverty.

Bad guys init: 1d20+2=8
Roll your own, please. Let the fighting begin.


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Marius, 27/27 HP, AC:10

Initiative: 14

The strange magic made Marius blanch. His knowledge of this was absolutely nothing! This was rare, usually Marius had at least heard of it. And the reason he was afraid is because it could kill him. Marius called for Scrap and moved toward the side that would give him a line of sight with the pair. He would be more susceptible to Marius' spells. Scrap landed on the Orc spellcaster's shoulder and Marius waved his hands around and pointed his finger at the Warforged, and then at the...wizard? Psionicist? Marius growled angrily and waved his other hand three times, which caused his finger to glow black with energy. Three Magic Missiles flew, two striking the Warforged and one hitting the man.

[sblock=OOC]Marius' Move Action: To the side with a line of sight at with the pair.
Marius' Standard Action: Cast Fell Weaken Magic Missile. Warforged takes 5 force damage and 4 Str damage. Man takes 5 force damage and 4 Str damage.
Scrap's Move Action: To land on Marius' shoulder.
Scrap's Standard Action: None.[/sblock]

[sblock=Spells Prepared Today]Cantrips- Detect Magic (twice), Touch of Fatigue, Touch of Fatigue, Acid Splash
1st- Identify (twice), True Strike, Ray of Enfeeblement (twice)
2nd-Detect Thoughts, Still Obscuring Mist, Fell Weaken Magic Missile, Fell Weaken Magic Missile
3rd- Clairaudience, Ray of Exhaustion, Fell Weaken Melf’s Acid Arrow[/sblock]


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Caden: Halfling Warmage; HP 28; AC 23(tch 16, ff 18); Spells: 5/1/4(DC 14+lvl).

Caden's eyebrows knit together in concentration, and she backs up so that she's hidden a
bit by the larger party members(anyone). TAKE THIS, she shouts. And casts Acid Splash at the human-looking man. ;)

Init: 25
Acid Splash Attack : 15 ranged touch || Acid Splash Damage: 7

[sblock=OOC] :eek: oops, I just realized that I always forget about warmage edge. Will now remember it. :) [/sblock]
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Ariel whirls around, startled, then backs up a bit sheepishly.

"Oh, I, we win, SOON!" she amends. "Sorry. I didn't know there was anyone left to kill."

Init 10

Quickly, and in a flummoxed voice, she calls, "Uh, lord of skies...and things...that blow and stuff! GET ME OUTTA HERE!"

The wind raises again, blowing in a howl and curling around the pretty young cleric. She laughs and holds her skirt to her legs as she soars straight up into the air!

(Casting Fly and moving 30' straight up.)


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May, elan psion; HP 24/24, AC 17; PP 30 of 39 (at end of round)

Initiative 5! [sblock] [/sblock]

As soon as she was up the ramp, May scampered towards the bow of the airship, ready to get underway. The appearance of these new and much more impressive foes seemed to take her a bit by surprise, and it took her a moment to react. Her eyes narrowed a bit as the human invoked his unusual magics- she had never seen anything quite like that before, and she didn't like it one bit. Unfortunately, though, she didn't have the leisure to study the phenomenon- there was a fight about to happen...

She leaned forward slightly, resting one hand on the rail of the ship. Her other hand rose slowly, almost lazily, giving a casual gesture in the direction of their enemies. Even as she focused her will, though, May realized that her attack was going to be too slow to prevent them from acting. Around her the air grew chill, and a thin rime of frost formed on the railing under her hand as a brittle crackling noise echoed across the plaza.

OOC: Attempting to manifest Energy Missile, augmented with 2 extra PP; missile type- Frost; if their actions don't make this impossible, each of them gets a 5d6+5 frost missile, Fort save for half (DC 18; 10 base+2 power level+4 INT +2 augment). If they have moved too far apart to hit both, then just target the human. Since they act first, things might change too much to make this feasible- if so, I'll restate when possible.


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Tenentet, AC 19, HP 19/19

Tenentet fills himself and some allies with increased speed. His undead minions stand guard.
[sblock=OOC]Casting Haste on himself and 4 nearest allies (not on Click & Clack).
Click & Clack stay next to Tenentet and ready actions to attack any enemies that come in range.
Initiative (1d20+4=10)
Active Spells: Haste 5/5 rounds, Mage Armor[/sblock]


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Cole Braddock

Cole patiently waits off to the side as the new foe takes the time present himself. When the action finally begins Cole calmly waits for the opportune time to present itself before he adds his steel to the foray.

OOC: Delay Action and waits to see if there are other reinforcements. If there are none, next round he will attempt to move and flank the caster. If reinforcements show up he then move to intercept.

Voda Vosa

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The warlock followed May to the bow of the airship, looking if anything was missing.
At the appearance of the strange pair, Vasintze hears at the new foes with interest for a moments, then, as they start to move, he shouts, in a very poetic fashion.
"Creeps of the world
Hear this warlock call
Kill this bastard now,
Make him be no more!"

As the warlock finish his last words, the energy within his soul create a horde of spiders that started sprouting from the wooden floor, making strange noises. The creep mass crawl toward the human foe.

OOC: Use summon swarm on the spellcaster enemy.
Init: 19 +4 = 23

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