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Air Pirates: Episode 1: The Revenge of The Air Pirates: The IC thread.

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First Post
May, elan psion; HP 24/24, PP 38 of 39

May followed the bulk of her group through the dungeon passage, taking care to step lightly so as to avoid the spreading pools of blood from the increasing number of slaughtered guards.


First Post
Um , Shayuri, you did read my post about the fleeing man being dead, right? I'll change your action to get the remaining guard, who is killed by Ariel, Vasintze, and Caden. It is not pretty.

Now our heroes are free...but do they go left or right?


First Post
(argh! Sorry Warlock! I missed it. Thanks for the catch there. :eek: )

Ariel loads another bolt and grins.

"Not the best of security in these parts. Did anyone catch which way we came when they brought us down?"


First Post
Marius, HP: 27/27, AC: 10

Scrap hovers down to near Marius, still glowing with the Touch spell. The Orc says, "Sorry, I don't remember. I say that because I'm right handed, so we go right. It's all up to Captian, I guess."


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Gipp drops his disguise, no need for it anymore as they were already discovered. He loads a bolt to his crossbow and smiles at the carnage. "I think Cole went ahead to scout the left corridor, let's wait a second for him to return."

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