DDAL Al seating questions

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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Totally depends on the event. For example, at a store, they may have a sign up sheet, or you just show up. For a con, the tables may need to be pre-registered in advance. There is no default from AL.


Be early and ask to be seated together :)
this is it. The gm's will usually start showing up 30-60 minutes early & start seting up (event dependent of course) Show up 30-60 min early & ask the organizer (ie guy at counter at flgs, whoever unlocked the door, etc)who to talk to because you are new players.


Lord of the Hidden Layer
My AL experience is at 'Cons. I usually come alone. I tell the organizer that I can be added to any short-handed group. I may not have a table until the last minute (with several other solo individuals), but I have never been turned away.

For a group: show up early, check in with the organizer, tell him/her you want to sit at a table together. A group of three can usually be used as the nucleus for a full table. Be ready to invite a pair or another trio of attendees to join you, to make a full table.


Last con it was my father, brother, son, and myself all trying to get at the same table. We has tickets for the game but there was a couple tables running the same game at the same time, but we were early and all got to sit together.

At the table my father and I need to flank the DM so we can hear what is being said, especially in a crowded room.

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