Alchemist Magic Items


Hey folks wondering if anyone has an idea on how to work up the following items:
(1) a magic potion belt similar to a bandolier and dedicated to potions/poisons only. Something similar to the Haversack in ability but tasked specifically to potions.
(2) gloves for someone with natural weapons/unarmed attack that can change properties (say for instance change from cold iron to adamantine)

Any positive help would be greatly appreciated as i am still learning the item creation rules.


I'm not sure about the rules for building those items, as my math on that score is always weak, but FYI, there's no crafting in LPF, so whatever you come up with would require you to put in a proposal in the forum for feedback, anyway, since that's the only way you'd be able to have it up for buying in the Mystic Pearl thread.

Others may have better ideas on how to design the items. But in the meantime: welcome to the boards. :)


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LPF doesn't allow crafting, but there's nothing that says we can't accept the occasional new magic item, as long as we aren't flooded with them. And this one seems like a fairly reasonable item. So since I'm currently stuck on a terrible conference call, I played with some numbers. The big benefit for a haversack type of item is that item retrieval doesn't provoke AoOs. Without this ability, a haversack is a bag of holding with a 120 lb capacity. If you plot out a trendline, a 120 lb bag of holding would cost somewhere around 1500-1700 gp.

So, if a 120 lb bag of holding would be 1500 gp (erring on the side of caution), that means the non-AoO triggering ability is worth 500gp, or so says Paizo. (Since a haversack is actually 2000gp, not 1500.)

So if you figure the ability to hold, say, 50 potions, extracts, and liquid alchemical items is worth 500 gp, and the ability to retrieve them as a move action with no AoOs is another 500gp, then this magic item would be 1000gp or so.

Pouch of Plentiful Potions
Cost: 1000gp
Weight: 2 lb
Slot: None

This nondescript belt pouch can hold up to 50 flasks of liquid, each of which weighs 1 lb or less. These items must be primarily liquid, so while a flask of alchemist's fire would be acceptable, a pellet grenade would not. Retrieving any specific item from the pouch is a move action, but it does not provoke the attacks of opportunity that retrieving a stored item usually does. The pouch can be used to store potions, poisons, and alchemical weapons, as well as mundane liquids such as small flasks of water or alcohol. An alchemist can also store mutagens and extracts in the pouch.

A pouch always weighs 2lbs., regardless of how much is contained within it.
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Oh, and for question 2, there's an Amulet of Mighty Fists, which adds magic and elemental effects to unarmed attacks. Then there's the Eldritch Claws feat for magic and silver. Finally, if you're talking about a monk, just buy silver or adamantine [brass] knuckles.


Seems like a handy niche item to me. And the restrictions on liquid make its intent clear, so someone isn't just buying a cheaper Haversack option for a lighter load. I don't think I'd have any trouble saying yes to it.