AM - Red Box Basic D&D (Riverside Tavern)


Liquid Awesome
It's a blast from the past! Hunker down for some 3d6-PC's-Generated-At-The-Table action. Do you want to be a Fighter? A Magic User? A Dwarf? Well then, this is the game for you.

The PC's are gathered for a mug of brew at the Riverside Tavern when something mysterious happens...

Like seriously, it's a total mystery. Part of the fun here is that I'll make up the adventure while you guys make up your characters. I can promise that it'll be chock full of old school feelin' and may include a high mortality rate.

But hey, your second (or third, or fourth) PC will probably be every bit as good as the first. Hell, you might even roll better Hit Points the next time around!

1: QueenD
2: Exploder Magic-User
3: Dungannon
4: Bretbo
5: Fraisala
6: Licious78

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