D&D 5E Amazon US book sales rank.

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The main difference between 5e and all the others, AFAICT, is that all the rest of them, no matter how high they started, plummeted around year four (give or take) and then trickled until their ultimate end. 5e was still RAISING by 2018. This is why it's totals, no matter how much the market may have been smaller at the start (I don't know about that, but I believe it was smaller than the initial market for 1e, at least) it just keeps on going and going.

I know that as a retailer, in 2e, 3.5, and 4e, by this time, I was lucky to turn over a single copy of any of the core books in a month. New splat books would sometimes only turn over one or two copies in their lifetime. 5e still sells dozens (or more) of every book released, and we still sell core books multiple times a week! AND that's with all the other ways of getting the books competing with us (which never used to be quite the case!)

Every year since release the rate of sales has increased, sometimes in leaps and bounds.

That can't last forever of course but even if it evens out or even declines it will still be doing very well like you said.


I crit!
The new Dragonlance Novel is at 229 out of all books on Amazon US.

Dragons of Deceit: Dragonlance
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According to the numbers Ben Riggs posted, to beat the lifetime sales on the original boxed set it needs to sell ~84K copies.

I wish we knew what scale the adventure books are generally selling at.
Chris Perkins said a number of years back that their target for sales on non-core books was 100,000 copies, but that was before 5E really exploded.

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