WotC An Old Song Rewording, Suddenly Appropriate Again...


Victoria Rules
To the tune of Pink Floyd's "High Hopes", this was originally written in 2009 as a response to 4e and the accompanying edition wars. Given recent developments it seems like a good time to dust it off.

Beyond the horizons of the game we played when we were young
Lay a world of money and malcontents
Their thoughts strayed down the page and found the bottom line
The roll call of the edition list was begun

Before our pastime was turned into an industry
We took the game and made it ours

There were a ragged few who followed in our footsteps
Who knew the better change was none at all
We've watched the new developments so hopeful but none any good
The greater game divided round us falls

The nights were endless
The tales were glory
With friends surrounded
The game was wonder

Looking round the game store at the new things trying to tempt us
Not a glimpse of the magic found in the early days
While victims of edition wars lie strewn across the battleground
Many come but rare is the one who stays

With a better attitude we made our choice
Few and far away though for so long a silent voice

Encumbered forever by desire and ambition
Theirs a greed that can't be satisfied
Our tearful eyes turn back toward the table
There'll always be a game here true and tried

Where nights are endless
Where tales are glory
With friends surrounded
The game is wonder
The taste of magic
The rain is falling
Adventures calling
The sound of laughter

Forever and after

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