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D&D 5E Another Critical Hits 5E Report

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Demon Lord
From the article:

Two of the groups I had both went into the Caves of Chaos with very typical 4e empowerment. They had expectations about their capability and survivability. Both returned to the Keep bloodied, battered, and with a long shopping list of door-spikes, rope, poles, and crossbows. Both groups went out as 4e PCs the first time and old-school PCs the second. The entitlement they expected in the codified rules of 4e quickly transformed into the understanding that they would need to take hold of their own destiny. The world wouldn’t save them, they would have to save themselves, and the best weapons they had were their imaginations

Heartwarming :)


The article was really interesting. The scaling is flatter so it should make number crunching at higher levels easier unless they add on "schtuff" to ramp up the bonuses in other rules. Anyways, looking forward to the next article!


First Post
The more I read about 5th, the more it sounds like E6. Frankly, I think flattening out the math was a brilliant idea.

AFAIU, they played at a low level, so of course it should sound like E6. ;)

Anyway this made me LOL:
You won’t run into the problem in 4e where you’re trying to argue a way to bench-press a throne when having a conversation with a noble lord because your diplomacy is 12 points lower than your athletics.

And this made me go YAY!:
“Mike, you have five minutes left.”
“No problem, I only have one boss battle to run.”


If you want to open a barred door and that door’s DC is 13. If you have a strength ability score of 15, you don’t even have to roll. You kick in the door. It’s elegant, simple, easy to understand, and uses the whole score instead of the ability bonus.

I keep thinking of that scene at the end of Princess Bride when Inigo Montoya tries to get through a door, failing, and Fezzik knocks it down with one punch.

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