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D&D General Any Good Eberron Novel?


Hi, I just finished reading The Dreaming Dark Trilogy, and I thought it was kind of meh! Its not bad, it's just not Salvatore good. I liked the first one, disliked the second, and enjoyed the third, but none gave me what I really wanted, a better grasp on the world of Eberron. Also, I still have some Salvatore books to read, and I am wondering if I should put them on the top of the list.

So is there any good Eberron adventure that takes you too a lot of places and are really exciting? I am looking for something like The Icewind Dale Trilogy. I know good is subjective, but I think The Icewind Dale Trilogy is better than The Lord of The Rings, and I was disappointed with the Dreaming Dark Trilogy. I am trying to get to know Eberron better, and I wonder if there is any really good writer behind any of the novels.

Thanks in advance.

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