Anyone else seeing this?


The High Aldwin

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Not your screen monkey (he/him)
They crop up periodically, particularly if you're posting late into the evening in the US (when the UK is long asleep). I think they get posted by spam bots and get cleaned up. It's been going on for years, though the particulars do change a bit from time to time.


It's like whack-a-mole...or dandelions - get rid of some here, they pop up again over there.

Years ago, a forum owner once claimed that he had the ability to shut off IP addresses from very specific locations, so even if someone tried to circumvent banning by creating multiple accounts, as long as they came from the same area, the spammer was locked out.


Sometimes we sleep.

Yea, I know. On a forum I was part of years ago, mods were selected from different parts of the world to provide us with as much 24/7 coverage as possible. Also, granting one or two mods "super moderator" status that gives them some owner/admin powers can be helpful in that regard.

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