D&D 5E Anyone Played An Enchanter to Level 10+? Theorycraft Also welcome.


But I would still rank it in the mid tier, below Portent, Bladesong, Arcane Ward, or Arcane Deflection. But above Minor Alchemy, Grim Harvest, or Awakened Spellbook.

I've played all of the first 4 and I think it is better than those 4 generally on a single class Wizard at most levels when built to optimize it.

You need to build specifically to get the most out of Bladesong too and a Bladesinger can be a force to recon with in melee when you do, but that is really an entirely different kind of Wizard build. A Bladesinger built to be a controller Wizard gets some defense and cantrip enhancements but nothing to write home about.

Arcane Deflection is really good at high level, especially if you have a Paladin in the group (or as a dip on a Paladin Multiclass) and the DM allows you to use scrolls or wands after using Arcane Deflection. It is less of a big deal at low level, but at high level split enchantment is online too and the other high level War Magic abilities are not nearly as good IME.

Portent is very swingy IME and less reliable. Roll two 1s or two 20s and Portent is awesome. Roll a 9 and an 11 and it is a lot less effective. You can still usually force a fail or a make even with middling dice, but more often than not it is a fail or make that would have been fairly likely on the dice too, so the odds it changed the outcome are not as great.
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