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5E Arcanis Campaign Setting for 5e - What's it like?


Apparently this is a very obscure game?! I asked on two other forums and so far I haven't gotten much in form of answers.

It was a setting that saw publication during the d20 years and later got a house-system in its second edition. Now Paradigm Concept has published a 5e version via Kickstarter (I think in 2018).
I am wondering about its setting. What's it like? What are you supposed to do in it?
Also: Is it a good implementation of the 5e rules? Are there interesting/good expansions/adaptions to the 5e core?

If you read and/or played it, regal me with your tales and opinions, please!

Thanks in advance.

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I remember the setting years ago. Not familiar with more modern iterations though.


I’m currently running a game of it with some friends on Discord. It’s got a really gritty feel, with some regions pushing into grimdark (like the region of Canceri) and overall it pulls a lot more heavily from non-medieval tropes. The Coryani Empire is clearly modeled on Ancient Rome, for example, while the Republic of Altheria has developed gunpowder and guns. The published adventures skew toward serious moral dilemmas and gut wrenches. The races tend to be a little OP compared to standard 5e races - I would not allow their use in a standard 5e game - but the new archetypes and classes (some of which are just tweaked and refluffed existing classes, like barbarian -> fury and warlock -> shaman) work really well and I would allow them in regular games. One of my players is really interested in Psionics and says that their take on a psionic class is the best one he’s seen for 5e yet.

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