D&D 5E Ardents in 5e


I would be just as happy if the Ardent did not exist. That being said, if it did, I think it should be a sub-type of Warlord.

Fundamentally they do the same thing, they both have armor and swords and run around in combat buffing their allies and hurting their enemies. The Ardent could benefit from a lot of the overlap with Warlord, and through their sub-type choose Mantle style abilities. I picture them having lesser effects than a warlord, but in an area around them.

So a Bravura Warlord would give +4 damage to an ally, the Ardent instead chooses the +2 damage to all allies within 20 feet ability.

I would include a Empath specialisation, that accounts for the out-of-combat Ardent abilities and gives them a couple of minor Psionic spells:
1st level - Choose 2 minor psionic spells.
3rd level - Gain training in Insight, gain advantage on all rolls to sense emotional states
5th level - Ability: Everyone within 10 feet makes a will save, or takes on whatever emotional state you choose. The same state for everybody. This could lead to advantage or disadvantage in many situations. E.g. Deeply Relaxed = Disadvantage to resists vs Sleep. Advantage to resists vs Fear.
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