D&D 5E Are you going to buy the 5e Core Books?

Are you going to buy the 5e books when they are released?

  • Absolutely!

    Votes: 69 35.9%
  • Probably.

    Votes: 44 22.9%
  • Eh, maybe...

    Votes: 20 10.4%
  • Probably not

    Votes: 31 16.1%
  • A resounding No!

    Votes: 20 10.4%
  • Answer Hazy, ask again later.

    Votes: 8 4.2%

  • Poll closed .


I know there is already a thread asking this question, but the general apathy of that thread made me want a more visual guide to the degree to which people are planning on buying the 5e Core Books (one or all 3) when they are released. So, are you planning on buying 5e at this point?

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Without a doubt. I'm having a great time DMing the playtest package. It is fast, fun, flexible and easy to run.

I'll do what I did with 4E and pathfinder. Go to a bricks and sticks store, grab a copy of the PHB and sit down in a chair and flip through it. If there's something in there that convinces me to purchase the books, I will. Otherwise, I'll pass.

Edit: Why did it turn pathfinder into a link? *fixes*

Jeff Carlsen

Of course. I pretty much would have bought the core books regardless of my opinion on the game. Fortunately for me, I love the way D&D Next is looking.


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I chose "Probably Not" in that I'd be surprised if we end up playing it, but I have bought a lot of roleplaying books just to mine for ideas.

The apathy is pretty overwhelming, however.



Maybe. I like parts of it other parts not so much. Might just come down to pretty art on the cover ACKs sucked me in with that and I liked the system as a bonus.


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As things are I'm more likely to only buy a phb provided I have the money for it and no more books are necessary to have the degree of customization I need. Of course this all hangs on my little pet peeves being answered satisfactorily (Multiclassing, skills, humans, I'm looking at you) and having a good enough baseline to count on for online play.

If I ever feel the need to DM it, I'd buy the basic box to get a feel of the basics, (and because due to lack of a group, I've barely been able to do anything but one-shots, a DMG and MM are overkill in those circumstances)

Of course it may come I don't buy it at all. I still have to like it.

If the final game keeps the same overall shape of the current playtest documents, I'm in for the core books, at least. Besides that, as a psionics fan, I'll wait for the Psionics Handbook (whatever they call it) and will probably purchase it as well.

Anything after those will depend on the kind of product Wizards intends to make. I'm in for good setting and adventure stuff, as well as material that expands on the flavor of core races and classes, with new rules only as needed. If we end up in a new age of "Complete Everythings" full of new classes, feats, races, subclasses and other similar stuff, Wizards won't be seeing a lot of my money after initial release.


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