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In this example, there's no doubt that the digital product has a lower COGS. If you express profit margin as a ratio of gross profit to revenue (retail price), the digital product has a much higher margin: 83% vs. 42%.

But the profit margin measured in dollars for both products is the same: $25.
you mentioend $25 as the amount WotC gets for the book and said the digital margin is higher, I used these in my example to show that the $ per digital is higher than the $ per print book
:rolleyes: I tried.


by using different numbers from your initial ones…

Look, I understand that the $ can be higher for print depending on what four numbers you use, but given the numbers you initially used it could not… and that is what I said.

That this is impossible for one set of values does not mean it is impossible for all sets of values, you are not telling anyone anything new here
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Linux is developed by professionals that are being paid by companies, not some bunch of hackers in their spare time

Lines of code changed by company
Oracle 12.0%
AMD 11.7%
Google 7.4%
Intel 5.8%

no, they predominantly are not, 2.8% of changes were under 'None' for company
Man, just think - if it wasn't for IP laws, we would have never got the wheel!

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