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PF2 Are you moving from 5E to PF2?


Point 3 isn't relevant anymore as there aren't the number of FLGS there used to be; people buy online in the main.

I buy quite a few POD classic D&D material on DMs Guild and I make a point of telling people about the Guild whenever possible.

Do your bit, spread the word - in person and online.
I do but there's something about holding it in your hand.


1. People don't know they exist.
2. They don't sit in your book case or can be held in the hand.
3. You don't see them in the shelf at the FLGS.

I've never bought one and I'm well aware they exist.
Part 1 is definitely valid.

I don't think that part 2 holds water. The Pathfinder Society scenarios are in demand for PF1 and 2. They are not printed and must be bought as pdfs. Having run and played the early seasons of AL, I was not impressed by the quality of writing, editing, or overall content. The PFS adventures are always professionally laid out, have quality maps, and in the later seasons have all of the statblocks for the encounters included as well as listing the books that the material was pulled from.

But I use the old Dungeons, older edition material and 3pp adventures so I'm never really short of adventures to run.
I concur completely. As an old gamer, I draw from my 1st ed adventures or the better of the published 5e books.

With the similarity of most of the adversaries between 5e and Pathfinder, adapting PF1 adventure paths to 5e shouldn't be that hard either.


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Adapting a Pathfinder 2 adventure to 5e should be just as easy. Part of the design priorities were ensuring that the Pathfinder 2 monsters were of a similar level as Pathfinder 1 CR. They are almost one to one. They wanted to ensure that if you wanted to use old adventures you would only have to convert the unique adversaries.


(A question for those planning to play PF2; if you’re not, this isn’t really for you - don’t threadcrap, please).

So you’re planning on playing PF2. While you are probably coming from PF1, is anybody coming from 5E?

Obviously, it’s not a permanent thing; you can play more than one game, try out others, all that stuff. But I was curious whether there’s a demographic out here who feel PF2 is offering something that they prefer to what 5E offers? Or at least hope that’s the case, in the absence of seeing the final game yet.

PF2 clearly isn’t an “advanced 5E” but I feel like it is kinda pitched as the “advanced mainstream fantasy RPG”. Is that how you see it?
"PF2 clearly isn’t an “advanced 5E” but I feel like it is kinda pitched as the “advanced mainstream fantasy RPG”. Is that how you see it?"

First, after picking up the pdf, I now hope to run a few one shots at flgs. Hope that counts as enough "planning to play" to not be considered thread crapping. If not, just wipe the post.

I did not play PF1 so not coming from there.

I am currently running a 5e game snd playing in FASERIP Marvel supers, so most recently, I am coming from there.

Before that Serenity, Trsveller (many) , Esper Genesis, Stargate, MnM, HERO system (lots) VtM, D&D 1e, 2e, 3e... and many more... so I might be seen as coming from those.

PF2 in its hype and its playtest and now its rules in final seems like another in a long line of "like ABC but crunchier" products that have traditionally followed on the heels of each game that hit big or even loyal but moderate auduences.

I wish it success however I have a bit of concern.

The massive audience gain from 5e on many levels reminds me more of the VtM surge than any other RPG surge over the decades in that it is drawing from outside the gamer and wargaming community and drawing in what seems to be a more story focused crowd.

So, while obviously PF1 became the king of "like ABC but crunchier" on the 3e and ogl surge (which imo drew mainly from all corners of existing rpg players and gamers) I see PF2 and 5e as much more different in terms of audience break-downs.

It's kinda why I want to see how much interest PF2 one shots fet.

What I wonder is (and think might could be the modern equivalent or the "PF1 is to 3e as ABC is to 5e") would be if a new version or new game that aims to be "like 5e but more story" friendly.

You would want less crunch, more story driven character definition with a major emphasis on the descriptive play and [to be frank) very easy to emulate what we see in streaming games.

Maybe something like a Blue Rose or MnM core with stronger emphasis on a stunt system that empowers "on the fly" dramatic actions over builds would be the "like 5e but..." that scratches more of the itches of the new crowd drawn to 5e.


I bought the PDF but want to try a game as a player before dripping money on the books.
It's to hard to get into so some amount of DM hand holding would be preferred.

PFS here collapsed with 5E so I don't think I'll get to play it. So willing to play don't want to run it.


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Played first game of Pathfinder Society today. We played through The Absolam Initiation scenario which is meant to be players introduction to Pathfinder Society. Lots of great role playing and lore in the scenario. It was also fairly brutal. My Barbarian dropped 3 times throughout, including two in the last encounter. He almost did not make it through - got down to Dying 3. Luckily I had one Hero Point left. Several of the other characters also went down at least once.

Things played pretty quick even with 6 players. Combats took about the same amount of time as they take with my Fifth Edition group. The game is pretty swingy. Critical hits are a really big deal. The higher level monster the 6 of us faced in the last part nearly took out 3 of the 6 us. The fight was tense.

I have to say that I am really enjoying the secret rolls for things like Gather Information, Searching, and Recall Knowledge. It creates an environment of uncertainty that I really enjoy. We ended up having a much harder time disrupting the ritual in the second part of the scenario because we were operating under faulty information from a Critical Failure on Gather Information.