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PF2E Are you moving from 5E to PF2?

Kel Ardan

First I really started gaming with AD&D 2nd edition back in the early 90's with school friends and have played and GM'd tons of systems like White Wolf, Fate, Amber, etc. over the years and I'm always looking for some new way to tell our group stories and hang out with my friends. I'm one who tried the play test and was totally turned off by some things and wasn't even going to consider playing 2nd Ed, however I came across some reviews and decided to look closer at the finished product.

After checking out the finished product and liking the character building style and the new 3 action economy I reached out to some of my friends that I currently play D&D 5th Ed with and they are up for a new challenge. We will be starting our game this Tuesday and roll with it for a few sessions before we decide on whether it is something we will stick to or look for something else. I have a very deserve gaming group with actors (who like rules light, and board gamers who are almost playing Monopoly trying to "Win"), so it's always a interesting in what they like or dislike. So far after having a session zero discussing character creation and most of the rules they all seem like they are open to giving this a shot. We have been playing 5th Ed since launch and a lot of Savage Worlds but after 4 plus years of light crunch we are craving more (closer to D&D 3.0 - PF 1Ed).

So in saying this I will update after my players and I have a few sessions under our belts to let you know what we think from running and playing the system.

I feel any game from something as open to storyteller digression like Amber or completely rules based like Warhammer 40k with heroes all can be fun as long as the GM has a good grip on how to make it fun.

Just my $0.02

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I wasn’t. I bought the book and it initially looked to much like 4e and I have two groups of new players to teach the game to so I set it aside. Then I read some actual play and was happy to see it’s not at all like 4e, which I love by the way, but it has depth for characters and ease of design for DMs. I’m going to run some 5e for a bit and then one group is to become a Pathfinder group, the plan is swap out Pf and Starfinder with this group. It’ll be easier to switch gears.

I am a collector more than a true player, and I would rather to buy the translated version, and Devir Iberia is too slow about that. In the last years almost all translated books are only modules, nor sourcebooks. Ultimate Magic in Spain hasn't been published, and Bestiary 3 will not be. Only the corebook of Starfinder and some modules have been published, nor Pact Worlds neither Alien Archive have been translated to Spanish language.

I bought all the titles of the Sims 3 videogames, even all articles of the store (I got lots of simpoints watching spots of sponsorpay). After all spent money I didn't want to buy anything of the sims 4. Maybe I start to buy books of 2nd Edition in the year 2021.

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