D&D General Are You Ready For A "New" D&D?

Are You Ready For A "New" D&D

  • No, I am Happy With The Choices I Have

    Votes: 71 55.5%
  • Yes, I Want a Truly "New" Version of D&D

    Votes: 25 19.5%
  • It's Complicated...

    Votes: 32 25.0%


EDIT: I Added a poll.

What I mean by this, is are you ready for a new edition of D&D to be actually new and different -- not just a half step or an iteration? I realized as I was reading through the Kobold Press Black Flag playtest document, and thinking back on the 1D&D playtest docs as well as things like Level Up, that I am just sort of done with 5E. I'm not saying it is a bad game, or that WotC hasn't had great success with it or that I don't understand why the next iteration does, in fact, need to be iterative. I'm just saying that I, Reynard, am personally ready for a new D&D to actually be new -- innovative, unexpected and different enough that I have to learn it fresh.

Granted I don't know what that would look like. I can imagine examples of a "true 6E" running the gamut from Dungeon World to Pathfinder 2E in focus and complexity. For it to "be D&D" there would have to be some sacred cow names, but they wouldn't have to work the same.

Anyway -- like I said, I don't expect it to be the case, but I would like it to be so.

And -- yes-- I am well aware that there are hundreds of examples of other fantasy RPGs out there. None of those are a new D&D.
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No. And I doubt I'll be getting whatever 6e turns out to be. I don't think 5e is particularly good, but I definitely don't think the current developers can improve on it - more like the opposite.

My preference for a 50th anniversary edition would have been a tidied up AD&D.


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I have everything I need to play D&D.

"New" is overrated. I'm running 5E now, and it's...fine. Not my favorite, but it's the version all of my players are most familiar with, and it's flexible enough to bend in any direction we need. It'll do.

There are better editions out there, though. If I leave 5E, it'll be to go backward, not forward. They haven't topped the gameplay and feel of the red-box Basic Set, IMO, despite almost 40 years of effort.

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I am just sort of done with 5E
I feel the same. Yes I am ready for a new edition of D&D. I'm sure I'll look at 1D&D, probably even buy the core books to see the changes. Though if it is in fact another half edition, I won't support it afterwards. Most likely if this is the case I doubt I'd have any incentive or desire to ever support the brand again and just use what books I have now. Time will tell.


I am ready for a new D&D and none of the available options out now or will be out in the future will give me what I'm searching for.


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I’m completely over 5E and WotC. I don’t care what they do going forward.

For D&D-like games there are dozens of great options by less problematic companies. My top choices are Old-School Essentials for a retro-clone experience and Dungeon Crawl Classics for a pulp-fantasy experience.

And there is a whole universe of other games out there to play.

So WotC has nothing I’m interested in going forward.


Eh, I find all the rules heavy RPGs to basically be the same gameplay experience. Some handle this or that thing a bit better, but mostly its comes down to genre and settings to make the difference. So I'd rather not have a bunch of new rules to learn that pretty much add up to the same thing in the end.

There TTRPGs that really diverge from D&D, and I go to those when I want something different.

It's complicated. I would be interested in a new edition since I conceptually still like D&D, but at the same time, a) I don't have high hopes that a new WotC edition would be really to my liking and b) I feel I need a (longer) break from D&D because right now it really feels old and stale.


While not perfect, and definitely not for everyone, 5E is by far the best chassis for D&D we've had in a while. It has broad appeal, and is simple enough for new players to jump in with minimal teaching time. From what we've seen in the playtest, 1D&D is going to be mostly an update, cleaning up the existing system, which should keep the overall chassis and thus popularity. I understand that some are dissatisfied with 5E, but change for the sake of change is just throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


I don't have an issue with 5E even if I think it could use a minor update. The rules are decent enough that they don't actively harm my enjoyment of my time playing. The issues I do have are easy enough to fix with house rules or ignore.

If the game didn’t work for me, I'd play something else.

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