D&D General Are You Ready For A "New" D&D?

Are You Ready For A "New" D&D

  • No, I am Happy With The Choices I Have

    Votes: 71 55.5%
  • Yes, I Want a Truly "New" Version of D&D

    Votes: 25 19.5%
  • It's Complicated...

    Votes: 32 25.0%


EDIT: I Added a poll.

What I mean by this, is are you ready for a new edition of D&D to be actually new and different -- not just a half step or an iteration? I realized as I was reading through the Kobold Press Black Flag playtest document, and thinking back on the 1D&D playtest docs as well as things like Level Up, that I am just sort of done with 5E. I'm not saying it is a bad game, or that WotC hasn't had great success with it or that I don't understand why the next iteration does, in fact, need to be iterative. I'm just saying that I, Reynard, am personally ready for a new D&D to actually be new -- innovative, unexpected and different enough that I have to learn it fresh.

Granted I don't know what that would look like. I can imagine examples of a "true 6E" running the gamut from Dungeon World to Pathfinder 2E in focus and complexity. For it to "be D&D" there would have to be some sacred cow names, but they wouldn't have to work the same.

Anyway -- like I said, I don't expect it to be the case, but I would like it to be so.

And -- yes-- I am well aware that there are hundreds of examples of other fantasy RPGs out there. None of those are a new D&D.
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No. And I doubt I'll be getting whatever 6e turns out to be. I don't think 5e is particularly good, but I definitely don't think the current developers can improve on it - more like the opposite.

My preference for a 50th anniversary edition would have been a tidied up AD&D.


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"New" is overrated. I'm running 5E now, and it's...fine. Not my favorite, but it's the version all of my players are most familiar with, and it's flexible enough to bend in any direction we need. It'll do.

There are better editions out there, though. If I leave 5E, it'll be to go backward, not forward. They haven't topped the gameplay and feel of the red-box Basic Set, IMO, despite almost 40 years of effort.

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