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D&D General Are You Ready For A "New" D&D?

Are You Ready For A "New" D&D

  • No, I am Happy With The Choices I Have

    Votes: 71 55.5%
  • Yes, I Want a Truly "New" Version of D&D

    Votes: 25 19.5%
  • It's Complicated...

    Votes: 32 25.0%

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I am just sort of done with 5E
I feel the same. Yes I am ready for a new edition of D&D. I'm sure I'll look at 1D&D, probably even buy the core books to see the changes. Though if it is in fact another half edition, I won't support it afterwards. Most likely if this is the case I doubt I'd have any incentive or desire to ever support the brand again and just use what books I have now. Time will tell.


I am ready for a new D&D and none of the available options out now or will be out in the future will give me what I'm searching for.


B/X Known World
I’m completely over 5E and WotC. I don’t care what they do going forward.

For D&D-like games there are dozens of great options by less problematic companies. My top choices are Old-School Essentials for a retro-clone experience and Dungeon Crawl Classics for a pulp-fantasy experience.

And there is a whole universe of other games out there to play.

So WotC has nothing I’m interested in going forward.


Eh, I find all the rules heavy RPGs to basically be the same gameplay experience. Some handle this or that thing a bit better, but mostly its comes down to genre and settings to make the difference. So I'd rather not have a bunch of new rules to learn that pretty much add up to the same thing in the end.

There TTRPGs that really diverge from D&D, and I go to those when I want something different.

It's complicated. I would be interested in a new edition since I conceptually still like D&D, but at the same time, a) I don't have high hopes that a new WotC edition would be really to my liking and b) I feel I need a (longer) break from D&D because right now it really feels old and stale.


While not perfect, and definitely not for everyone, 5E is by far the best chassis for D&D we've had in a while. It has broad appeal, and is simple enough for new players to jump in with minimal teaching time. From what we've seen in the playtest, 1D&D is going to be mostly an update, cleaning up the existing system, which should keep the overall chassis and thus popularity. I understand that some are dissatisfied with 5E, but change for the sake of change is just throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


I don't have an issue with 5E even if I think it could use a minor update. The rules are decent enough that they don't actively harm my enjoyment of my time playing. The issues I do have are easy enough to fix with house rules or ignore.

If the game didn’t work for me, I'd play something else.

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