D&D 5E Are you RETURNING to D&D

Are you returning to D&D?

  • I never stopped!

    Votes: 93 32.1%
  • I'm back after playing other game(s)

    Votes: 114 39.3%
  • I'm back after a period of no gaming

    Votes: 51 17.6%
  • I'm not playing 5E and this thread is not for me

    Votes: 32 11.0%

The Myopic Sniper

The 5E playtest brought me back. I followed 4E and Pathfinder from afar and they both seem like fine games, but didn't really scratch the itch that I was having. 5E is close enough to what I am looking for to do that.

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Played 2E, liked 3E but didn't actually play it, played Mutants & Masterminds during the 3.5/4E era, participated in the Next playtest, joined Pathfinder Society, and am now running and playing in a 5E campaign alongside PFS.


Played BECMI, 1e, 2e, and then hackmaster as I didn't have to relearn a bunch if rules. I like the rules light aspect, but I hope there are options in the DMG for more grit. Some things like spell acquisition, healing, etc. just seem too easy.

aramis erak

So if you're RETURNING to D&D from another game or from no gaming at all, let us know! What were you doing before? What brought you back?

I've never been a die-hard "D&D or nothing" - hell, through most of 2E, and all of 3E and 4E, I've been a "I prefer other things to D&D most of the time"... My last 2 D&D campaigns were both run using Cyclopedia.

I got into 5E because (1) I'm a decent GM at almost any game I'll run, which leads to... (2) my FLGS needed someone to run their 4th table for encounters, and (3) 5E doesn't suck.

My home campaign is FFG Star Wars (F&D). My prior campaigns were (in reverse order) The One Ring, FFG Star Wars (AOR), Firefly, FFG Star Wars (EOTE x2), Prime Directive 1E, KAP 5, T&T 5.5, .. (I think that's going back 3 years, and some of these overlap - I've had 2 campaigns going at a time for large chunks of my gaming life.).

My "dabble with stuff from the rules" game was and still is MegaTraveller.

I occasionally break out the T&T or TFT solo modules and play them.

Mind you, I've run campaigns of most of the D&D editions over the last 34 years... Moldvay, Mentzer, Cyclopedia, AD&D1E, AD&D 2E, 3.0, OE (but mind you, I've a misprinted book, so it was severely variant - since that printing lacks the "All hits do 1d6 damage", I had a hit doing 1 hp...)...

3.5 didn't do anything for me; I didn't like 3E enough to go back to it after my second 3.0 game, so when 3.5 was almost the same, but getting rid of the few things I thought 3.0 did well... I tried playing some 3.5 with a buddy, but his game was too tactical minis...

And 4E was just too cumbersome. Even using the preview rules only, it was cumbersome. And too much to write to not use a character generator. So, since 4E, I've been just uninterested in the D&D offerings.

I got into the beta pool just to see where it was going. I wasn't convinced.
And then, the Basic Rules hit. And the "Would you be willing?" from the store. And so I tried, and I liked it.

Thank Dog

I tried getting into 4e, like really tried. But interest in it died off so fast and the level of vitriol aimed at anyone even mentioning it was so profound that I ended up throwing up my arms and giving up on it entirely. Dabbled in Pathfinder but hated every femtosecond of it.

Then the playtest came along. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I'm not 100% on board with everything 5e but at 90% I feel that's more than enough to make it work for decades to come. And the fact that I'm seeing a lot of enthusiasm for it amongst players and new players means I'm even more happy with it. So I answered that I've come back because, quite honestly, if it wasn't for these two factors, I think I'd be done with RPG's altogether.


First Post
For me and my players (I mostly DM) I had developed a hybrid form of D&D which we played for years and years.

But with 5E I can honestly say that (although I have hybridized it a little already) I have mainly just begun to convert my milieus/worlds straight to 5E.

It is so much fun to play and so easy to play and so naturally open to modification and hybridization and I like it so much (best game of the version ever to me) that we've all just decided to go with it.

I had to pick the last option, but I think this thread is still for me.

I'm not playing D&D5.
I'm not running D&D5.
But I plan to.

I'm finishing off my Rise of the Runelords game and am hoping to get a D&D5 one-shot in on the 31st or 1st. Castle Ravenloft. Natch. But after that I'm back to Pathfinder for the Skull & Shackles AP. I spent a LOT of money on PF books and I would like to get my money's worth. So that means I'm still doing PF for another year and change.
After that, maybe D&D5. There will be more content out so the game will feel less bare bones. That'll help ease my option hungry players into the game. So I very much expect to be coming back, someday. Just not yet.


I'm back after sort of not playing for a few years. I had a long-running campaign (1st to just into the 4th ed) that finally fizzled out. It was a combination of things, and not necessarily against the 4th Ed as such, but that's because the game had developed organically through using pretty much any published material we liked from the 1st Ed on.

As I look back on the rules now, our 3rd edition was more of a 2nd/3rd hybrid, and the 4th Edition was even less by the book.

I did sort of keep up with the Forgotten Realms Sourcebooks, and read through and tested character builds and stuff for the D&D Next Playtest. I was really excited about that, and knew I'd be getting something going once the 5th Ed was released if not earlier.

I know a number of other friends and acquaintances that are playing again because of the 5th Ed too. It's just a lot of fun to play, and so easy. As the 2nd Ed moved toward the 3rd Ed we got caught up in the 'more realistic, more detail' thing, but now I find we're able to maintain that with the much simpler rules of the 5th Ed, with only some minor tweaking.



I played 2nd, 3rd and 3.5, tried 4th when it came out and wasn't a fan. We've been playing Exalted for the past 5 years. 5th though has got us back to playing D&D though. As far as I've seen and played, I think it could become my favorite edition. Only thing I really, really, want to see is good solid material for Dragon Lance(I know be patient).


First Post
I played 1e and 2e because they were the only game on the block, but I skipped 3e, Pathfinder, and most likely 5e for the same reason, i.e. to many sub-systems and no parity between martial and caster classes.

My tastes have changed but the game has gone retro.

Hand of Evil

I am back because of my players, I prefer Pathfinder, been running games in it plus other systems, but a few of them are D&Ders (like there is a difference) and think 5E is the sliced bread of RPGs. So, will be do a Halloween game for 10 to 12 sessions and see where that takes me.


I'm back after playing nothing for several years. I bought some pathfinder books and read them, and I thought they did a very fine job, but because of a combination of things -- where i was in my life, where my friends were, the 3.75E factor of it all -- i never got to really sit down and play a campaign of it.

Now with 5E i'm on board, devouring the books and adventures, experiencing the renewed interest all around the web, seeing the cool things people are doing with the new rules, toying with new digital tools... and I feel like it has me hooked the same way it did when 3/3.5e were coming out.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
So far, 61% of current 5E players who responded are returning. That's very interesting! Some selection bias, I'm sure, but still higher than I'd have guessed at.


Been waiting for a long time, back to where we started. I know a few here seem to have issues with certain aspects of D&D 5th Edition, to each its own. For me and my groups (6+) play style & entertainment value it is a Masterpiece. One I know we will be playing & supporting for years to come.


i only chose based on the poll answers. now that i've read the thread. ummm... strike my answer. :doh: edit: i just love taking polls.

Me too. Voted still playing D&D because I am still playing 4e D&D. No firm intention to play 5e but I am reading it.

chibi graz'zt

Proud to say Im back to D&D after 2e. I never quite got into 3 and after trying 4e for nearly 6 months it just wasn't for me.
Happy that 5e gathers a bit of everything but more than anything, returns to me the D&D I loved in 1e.

5e is a homecomming for me, as it appears to be for many others.


Ok, I voted I'm back since path is not d&d. I prefer path over 3.5 and dislike 4th. I was playing path for many years. I will be playing path many more. It will continue being my favorite game and I will spend more time on it. but now there is a place for d&d in my table.
curiously one month after I started dming 5th we started an ad&d 2nd ed campaign. In this table i play. I haven't play like in two years, I just love gming.

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