D&D 5E Are you RETURNING to D&D

Are you returning to D&D?

  • I never stopped!

    Votes: 93 32.1%
  • I'm back after playing other game(s)

    Votes: 114 39.3%
  • I'm back after a period of no gaming

    Votes: 51 17.6%
  • I'm not playing 5E and this thread is not for me

    Votes: 32 11.0%


Well, that was fun
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This is a question specifically for those currently playing 5E. Not for those not playing 5E.

I was wondering how much of a return to D&D there was, either from other games or from a place of no RPG-ing at all, as opposed to continuous play through editions. I know a lot of people played 1E, 2E, 3E, 4E, and now 5E, or jumped on along the way. Others jumped off along the way and may now be coming back.

So if you're RETURNING to D&D from another game or from no gaming at all, let us know! What were you doing before? What brought you back?
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No. On the one hand, I never left. On the other, given group and personal preferences and time restraints, it looks like I am going to keep on playing Pathfinder to the (almost complete) exclusion of D&D.


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I guess you left off the "I am not going back option". This being in the 5E forum may have something to do with that.

All of my current players took some extended break in gaming at some point, and most skipped one (or) more editions.

Includes the one, just recruited!, who is coming back with 5E.


Well, that was fun
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Yeah, it's in the 5E forum deliberately because it's a question specifically for 5E players.


I'm returning from not being involved in TTRPGs for years; was involved in an early 4E game that fizzled out, but had been into 3.5 for years before that. PathFinder was an uninteresting option to me at the time, and remains so now.

As to what got me interested, funny story there. I went to the Lego Movie with my wife and her younger siblings, and they had an ad for D&D KREO before the film. That made me wonder what was up with D&D these days, so I came to ENworld and discovered there was a play test going on.


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im returning after not having played for a long time (20 years). i love rpg's but could never find a system that fit...i looked at pathfinder extensively but the sheer volume of sourcebooks and relative (to 5e) complexity of character creation turned me off. started up a 5 e game about 3 months ago and im loving it . we can take as a given that players and dm make the game (whatever system it is) but still the phb (despite its stodginess) inspires me to make characters/envision settings/and just have fun.

i had serious doubts as to how the 'engine' would work in game(the balance between 'theater of the mind and crunch') - it works wonderfully..i legit couldn't believe how much damn fun i was having :cool:. that being said ... combats are still pretty long ^^;. but overall the game is just a delight.


Played 3ed a ton. Skipped 4E. Skipped Pathfinder. Mostly played Savage Worlds the past few years, now SW and 5E.

5E absolutely brought me back to D&D.


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I'm returning. I stopped playing in the late 90's after playing 2e through most of high school, and just a bit in college. I rolled up a 3e character once but never played, and stopped paying attention around the time 3e came out.

Last year a couple of friends wanted to try playing D&D, and so I looked into the possibilities. Learned about all the business with 3e, 3.5e, Pathfinder, 4e ... seemed like a complicated mess and a ton of variation in opinions with few people being unbaised enough to provide me with an objective view on what to try. Ultimately, given my friends' uncertainty about RPG's and my knowledge that some of them would not want to deal with complicated rule sets, I went with 5e. (Actually, on another friend's advice, I mentioned Pathfinder. To which, the response was "what's that? We want to play D&D". No explanation could shake them of wanting to play the game called D&D as opposed to something similar (and according to some, better. I'd also mentioned FATE, Dungeon World, and the SoIaF RPG).

Okay, the fact that the playtest was *free* was also a huge influence.

We never looked back. We've been playing as often as possible (which really means once or twice a month) for the past year and four (or so) months. Two of us have bought all the books. Most of us at this point have some understanding of the various systems, due to listening to a variety of podcasts and other subculture references. I'm very happy to say all the games are equally good in their own way. However, we are very happy with our decision to stick with 5e. It's a great game. It's great for people who are learning, and great for people who are returning. It's great for a quick get-together, and it's great for a campaign.


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Not all opinions you find disagreeable are trolls.

Right; so going to a forum devoted to a particular product and literally saying that product doesn't exist (metaphorically implying that it's not worth mentioning) isn't trolling, according to you. There's being disagreeable, and there's trolling. This is trolling.

Morrus explicitly mentioned this question is directed at 5e players. It's not asking whether you think 5e is worth returning to. It's asking "of those who play 5e, did you come back after a period of not playing D&D." Not every opinion has a place in every conversation; and it isn't censorship to say so.


Returning from playing other games.
D&D 3rd crashed and burned with us as play time was too long. 4th crashed as combat times where far too long. We just went on to playing other games like Savage Worlds, Wolsung, Marvel Heroic, Iron Kingdoms (which suffered the same fate as 4e)
Cautiously Optimistic about 5e


Stopped playing because of 4E. I liked 4E, but the rest of my table didn't. Plus kids, school, work, etc. got in the way of gaming. I know I know, priorities.

5E brought me back, but I still had the same issue with managing my time. Now that I've discovered pbp, I'm back to gaming and creating things for D&D again. 5E was the initial event that brought me back and helped me discover pbp, however.


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Sort of.

I stopped playing D&D for a while ago for a number of reasons. Part of it was that I was really busy with school and some of it was that I'd grown tired of the 4e rules. I didn't hate them like a lot of people, but I did feel they were exceedingly combat-focused and it seemed like it took forever to accomplish anything. In the meantime I played with a few other rulesets, though never as frequently as I did D&D in the past.

The fact that I'm back now and 5th edition is out is kind of a coincidence; I'm graduated now so I have the time to plan and put together a game, which wasn't possible for the last few years and I was planning to try and put something together anyway. Even so, the 5th edition rules have added a bit of excitement to getting back into the game that I probably wouldn't have felt otherwise: I like their look and feel a lot more than 4th edition, even though I've had only a few opportunities to test them. So while I wouldn't say 5e brought me back, I would say that it's helped me feel a lot more enthusiastic about playing than I would have felt otherwise.

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I played Moldvay B/E in elementary school and 1E and 2E through high school. Didn't play anything from 1993-2005. Got into miniature wargaming and as my kids started getting older, started playing RPG's with them. We started with 4E, which never felt like D&D to me (I like D20 but so much of the game felt micro-managed by the rules set. Also hated what they did to alignments and elves). With 5E, I feel like I'm coming "home".


There's not really a poll option for me. I technically never left D&D, but I stopped getting new stuff in the 90s and stuck with AD&D the whole time. 5e is the first edition of D&D I have purchased and enjoyed since then, so it's sort of a return.


Didn't really leave, I suppose. (Well, I had a long hiatus of D&D between AD&D1 and 3e, more or less, playing other games. Played tons of 3e.)

Stopped DMing during 4e as it didn't give me what I wanted, and that at a great expense.

Played mostly miniature games, but played in some RPGs. Including a 4e where the system is used very little that'll soon convert to 5e. And a PF where everybody was so tired of all the extras.

But now I'm back in the saddle, and enjoying myself a lot.

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