D&D 5E Autumn Eladrin vs Variant Human on a Twilight Cleric 1/Enchantment Wizard x


I am planning to play in a 1-20 campaign. Start as a Twilight Cleric, than 19 levels in Enchantment Wizard. Going to be going sword and board with a quarterstaff (at least initially).

Starting stats: S16,D8,C12,I16(Human)/17(Eladrin),W13,Ch8

Feats are going to be Warcaster at 4th, Fey Touched with Dissonant Whispers at 8th after that it depends. Character is going to use mostly control spells (mostly enchantments in fact) and defense spells with very few blast spells. She will also use Hypnotic gaze a lot. She will have both Blade Cantrips and probably Chill Touch.

I am debating starting as a Variant Human with Pole Arm Master or starting as an Eladrin with their charm Fey Step ability.

The DM does play that you can use warcaster with the PAM reaction attack, and she would probably use the PAM bonus action attack a lot at early levels, but probably not often later. So it would go something like this - enemy closes she casts Dissonant Whispers and he runs back away if he fails his save. Could also use other spells of course or just a blade cantrip depending on the situation, but this would eat up the reaction for both both shield spell and instinctive charm.

The Eladrin would get her to 18 and 20 Intelligence faster and would fey step is a good free way to get out if hypnotic gaze does not land, in addition to having a very thematic charm effect. Also could fey step in and charm an enemy and then still get a warcaster AOO on them when they try to go attack someone else.

Which would you play? As far as backstory either is easy to weave into the campaign.

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