Avatar Kickstarter Fulfilment Delayed

Cardboard and paper shortages have contributed to the delay, which means that the Avatar Legends Kickstarter fulfilment has moved from February until summer 2022.

The Kickstarter raised nearly $10M earlier this year, making it the most successful tabletop roleplaying game Kickstarter in history. But, as they point out, this works out to over 200,000 books. Even with the delay, summer isn’t that far away; many Kickstarters take far longer.


After a lot of digging and searching, we are sad to say that simply due to the volume of printed materials, we need to delay when you will be receiving the physical copies of the game. It turns out that printing over 200,000 books—plus hundreds of thousands of journals, cards, and dice—will take much longer than usual due to cardboard and paper shortages. But even without those shortages, it’s just a very very high volume of books! Even if our printers manufacture ten thousand or more books a week… it would still take months to print all these books!

Our new shipping date is the Summer of 2022; we’ll have more specifics when we deliver the final files to the printer in the next few months. This new delivery date is for the physical products only, not for the PDF of the game. We are happy to say that we are on schedule for delivering PDFs to you all very soon! You will be able to play the full game in early 2022! It just won’t be with a physical book until that summer.

We apologize for the shipping delay. We know it’s not ideal, and we’re so sad we can’t make magic happen. Sometimes journeys take longer than you planned them to, and while we know you’re all amazing, we want you to know we’re so grateful for all your patience and kindness as we’ve been figuring out how best to get you the books as quickly as we can.
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