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red-gold variant


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Re: Re: Re: Who wants an Avatar?

Sialia said:

ok--so I took some liberties with this. Cracks were hard to get across legibly at that size--I needed a bigger . . . um . . . detail to work with. Hope you don't mind.


Thanks Sialia!
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Could you post the attept at my avatar? I'm sure I read that you've drawn one, but thought it wasn't any good, or I'm loosing my memory again.......

Re: Who wants an Avatar?

If you want another challenge, I need a beardless dwarf. The one I currently use is a very crude cut-and-paste of the half-orc chin from the PHB pasted on the PHB dwarf's face.

I've been watching this thread, and enjoying your art work!


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Re: Re: Who wants an Avatar?

woohoo, all that work for me? :D

Barendd Nobeard said:
The one I currently use is a very crude cut-and-paste of the half-orc chin from the PHB pasted on the PHB dwarf's face.

i never noticed before!

BTW all, see you soon!


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Ok Madriel--I've doodled around with this, and there's just so many options. Really depends on whether you're looking for soemthing to wear as a tattoo while you bike, or pin on your airline uniform as you fly your plane.

So here's the questions I need answered"

1. rapier, broadsword, sabre, or scimitar?
2. curly wings or angular wings?
3. Bird wings or bat wings?
4. Sword point up or sword point down? (This may have some heraldic significance and I'm sure I don't know, but one of us should look in to that.)
5. Sword in front of the sunburst or behind it?

Below are some rough sketches. Let me know if any apppeal.

I'm kind of partial to a bat wings and sabre treatment . . . it's not just a logo, it's a character concept.


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Honestly Ferret, I still like yours better. But here's the best draft to date.

I'm still pondering this.

I haven't given up yet.


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Hey Si. This thread makes me wish I wanted an Avatar. I like the one I've got, but man, to have a real Sialia..

Here's an idea for the madrial thing. Instead of a holy symbol concept, how about something more like your smoke and mirrors work (which I loved). Something that conveys the idea of angel wings, without being a picture of anything. I keep thinking of the Sandman issue "The Sound of Her Wings" and that image of the wings sweeping in.

Just a thought from the non-artist who wishes she could draw.


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Thanks for the ideas KidC--I worked on Madirel for about three hours last night, and by the time Bandeeto got home from singing, I was referring to it as the "fried egg on a stick" I hated it so much.

He gently reminded me that it was a "winged fried egg on a stick."

The real problem is not so much with the sunburst, as the way when it's 64 x 64, the wings look like somebody's lungs with a freid egg caught in the trachea.

So it's prbably time to start over.

I never could lose the sense that it looked like a motorcycle decal at full size--something from the era of Electrawoman and Dynagirl.


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OK, since KidC narrowly averted me doing a full sendup with butterfly wings and deelie boppers on the sunburst, here's what I got using the method she suggested. Still a bit too literal, perhaps, but it's what came out.

Still haven't tweaked it sufficiently to get it to read at 64x64--it only just barely legible at that size and needs more fine tuning, if Madriel actually wants to go this way.

Give me some feedback, Mad.


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