Babylon 5 animated movie in the works


Given the sort of person Bester was in the series, it makes me wonder what sort of 'influence' that implies. For my own part when a character was named after me, in a friend's novel, he died an almost Pythonesque death.
I kind of laughed at them casting Walter Koenig as Bester because I just thought they were just stunt casting by throwing Checkov in there. But, man, Bester was a great chararacter and Koenig absolutely brought him to life.

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In case anyone wants to see Koenig in another SciFi outing, shortly after Star Trek TOS, there was a Canadian series called "The Starlost" that I'm sure a lot of you never heard of. It was developed by the CTV Network and created by Harlan Ellison. The premise is that a massive space ark was created to take various groups to a new planet, at Relativistic speeds. During the journey something happened that killed the operational crew and sent it off course. The trip has taken so long that most of the groups have forgotten that they are even on a ship and have developed their cultures in the huge domes, in which they live. Koenig played (IIRC) the only alien life form that the protagonists ever encountered. I think he was in two episodes. The entire series can be found on Youtube.

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