D&D 5E Bard Performance of Creation and Dynamite


I am running a 5e conversion of the Pathfinder Iron Gods adventure path which involves an ancient crashed starship in a D&D world and a Mad Max style outlaw community with some recovered tech (grenades, guns, chainsaws). Two of the PCs are involved with a draconic cult with a big Looney Tunes Acme invention focus (one is a cleric, one a bard) and another is a an artificer who is a robot (warforged) created by an artificer with the aid of a cult spellcaster using the remains of a recovered heavily damaged ancient robot.

So there is a lot of tech in this 5e D&D fantasy game.

The Bard is college of creation from Tasha's which with his performance of creation allows him to make short lived nonmagical items of up to 100 gp value (level x 20 gp). The cleric has been spending down time at a secret foundry in Mad Max gangland making bullets for an automatic pistol they recovered and sticks of dynamite straight out of the 5e DMG for modern tech section.

The bard is interested in whether he can use his song of creation to make a stick of dynamite.

Dynamite in the DMG has no cost listed. The closest similar thing I see is the Renaissance bomb, which does the same damage to the same blast radius and costs 150 gp.

It is completely in theme for the character, does not seem overpowered, but the closest comparable item seems to be 50% over his gp limit and he would have to wait until 8th level to make a 3d6 damage stick of dynamite.

Is there anything about crafting making things 1/2 price so if he learned to craft dynamite from the cleric it would be within his Song price range? Any suggested mechanics for that?
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