Before the Rise of Tiamat

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Moving up to the nearest brigand, Grimnir takes a swing at him with his warhammer. It's not a very accurate swing as the dwarf is preoccupied in getting his opponent between him and the spellcaster, to avoid being vulnerable to her magic.

"Take her out first!" he yells to his companions.

OOC: Move: To nearest brigand. (Does that trigger Lyle's Ready action?)

Attack: Warhammer attack: 1D20+5 = [6]+5 = 11
1D8+3 = [5]+3 = 8

Note: I have a Reaction ready in case I'm being hit by a melee attack, which is the Wrath of the Storm feature.

HP: 9/11
Wrath of the Storm: 3/4 left before Long Rest
Spell slots (1st level): 0/2 left before Long Rest


"Well that's just rude," the spellcaster says, beginning a series of arcane gestures. "Teach the dirt-dwarf some manners, will you Skorob?" Her voice then trails off into some sort of incantation, and she pulls an aspergillum out of one sleeve of her robe, spinning it over her head and spraying a light shower of water across both of her goons (as well as herself). Where the water splashes on herself or her activities, you see it momentarily flash with blood-red light before soaking into their leathers or robe.

"Whatever you say, Ishka," the presumable Skorob says as he steps forward and swings his scimitar at Grimnir's face. Umberlee's power surges as the blade bites into the dwarf's cheek, delivering a slash that is only marginally worse than if he cut himself while shaving (unusually enough for a dwarf, Grimnir probably actually has shaved, if only when he was young enough not to have much sense of dwarven pride); the peal of thunder and lightning that he generates will probably hurt the goon more than the cleric himself was hurt. However, as the crackling arc leaps into his attacker, it is blunted by a flash of red light.

OOC: Skorob's hit roll (with Bless): 21 CoyoteCode Dice Roller
Dex save vs. Wrath of the Storm: 13 CoyoteCode Dice Roller
Forgot to add the Bless roll: 2, so 15 in total: CoyoteCode Dice Roller
Skorob's damage: 2 CoyoteCode Dice Roller

I forget whether you guys are missing any HP from earlier; regardless, mark Grimnir down a couple HP and roll damage for his reaction, dealing half of the roll result. Meanwhile Lyle can toss his dagger at Skorob. I'll wait for the results of those rolls before having the second cultist take an action.

Lyle's dagger catches Skorob right in the neck just after his swing; a gush of blood from the wound indicates that the wound is already near-fatal, and the retributive magic puts him down, although he's obviously still breathing (no need to even roll, it will do a minimum of 1 damage and can't possibly do enough for an instant kill, so the effect is the same regardless of the total result). That fact appears to be lost on his buddy, though. "Skorob! You little murderer!" He starts to dash after Lyle, but Ishka stops him with a hand on his shoulder. "No Zigmar, that's what these do-gooders want. Focus on one at a time and put them down, don't let them pull aggro and leave your allies vulnerable." " you command," Zigmar reluctantly assents, and he too attacks Grimnir before he can get another reaction. However his heart is clearly not in it and his attack doesn't get even close.

OOC: Zigmar's hit roll: 10 CoyoteCode Dice Roller

That's all of them; to Mornok and then Lyle and Grimnir again
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: I love that Wrath of the Storm feature already. :)

HP: 7/11
Wrath of the Storm: 2/4 left before Long Rest


OOC: It was obviously some sort of buff spell which offered some degree of protection; you saw the red glow flare when Grimnir shocked the guy who had attacked him, although it didn't stop him from passing out. While the effect on attacks was also more subtle, that Arcana roll is good enough that I'll rule you can also tell the spell improved their accuracy somehow.


Crit fail on a firebolt... Yeesh.
Fire Bolt: 1d20+5 6 1d10 6

Mornok read what he could into the woman's spell and felt he knew what she'd done. "She's some kind o' priest!

Then he held up his free hand, incanting a spell of his own. Unfortunately, in that moment he lost his balance and spoiled the spell which sizzled and smoked about the tips of his outstretcged fingers.


Lyle tries to use the fireworks as a distraction, running up to stab Zigmar with his short sword. "It's a shame to lose a friend, I'll do my best to reunite you!" In his eagerness to come up with a quip, Lyle misjudges the timing of his strike.
Lyle glances at Zigmar hopefully. "Before you react, remember I was trying to do you a favor."

I doubt this hits but I'll roll damage on the off chance it does


the magical equivalent to the number zero
”Not my god,” Grimnir spits when Mornok calls the woman a priest, and he points at her as if about to shout an insult.

Before he can open his mouth, however, a blast of shining water spouts from his pointing finger and washes over the enemy cleric.

”Thank you Umberlee,” the dwarf whispers in surprise.

OOC: Casting the Sacred Flame cantrip. Target takes 1d8 radiant damage; Dex save negates. DC 14

Sacred Flame: 1D8 = [6] = 6



OOC: Ishka's Bless spell boosts her up to a 20 on her save. CoyoteCode Dice Roller

Grimnir's spell lashes out at Ishka, but she dances to one side, trailing a streamer of red energy which catches the brunt of his watery blast. She still catches one curl of the wave, which burns her flesh like acid, but it's little more than a splash of mud from a roadside puddle, and washes away in a moment.
this is post 112.
"That's not how that spell works, dwarf! Let me show you how it's done!" Ishka spreads the five fingers of one hand, waves the hand sinuously, crooks the fingers toward you, and unleashes five streamers of varicolored flame.

OOC: Sacred Flame for 6 damage: CoyoteCode Dice Roller
Roll me a save, please!


Fortunately, while Ishka is gloating about having won the cleric-off, she forgets to prompt Zigmar to do in the hill dwarf, and the surviving hatchet-man defaults to his immediate grudge against Lyle, rather than making the more tactically sound choice to even the odds in the fight.

OOC: I need to roll a concentration save for Ishka and then an attack for Zigmar, but CoyoteCode seems to be down, so you'll just have to take my word for it that I rolled physical dice. Ishka got a 19, so Bless is still up; Zigmar rolls 13+4 plus his normal 4, so I'm pretty sure Lyle is hit. And the damage die comes up a 6, so it's 7 total. Sorry guys, my dice don't seem to like you.


Lyle's been hit harder by stronger men, but he really can't remember when. "I was trying to help you see your friend again, and this is the thanks I get?!"

OOC: Down to 3 hit points myself now


Mornok grumbles incoherently as he raises his hand again, aiming for Ishka. This time he actually got the spell off, but still missed his mark. Grumbling he drew his warhammer and bore down on the thug, hoping to give the man a reason to worry.

Fire Bolt: 1d20+5 9 1d10 3
Well, at least it's not another crit fail. LOL


Lyle feets lightheaded after the blow. He reaches into his belt for his second dagger, stabbing at Zagmar with the short sword at the same time. This time it bit deep into the man. "Tell your friend I said hello." Lyle darts past Zagmar and slices his dagger at the priestess. "I don't have anything clever for you just...die."

Attacking Zagmar, then using my bonus action for a piddly attack against the priestess.
_: 1D20+6 = [20]+6 = 26
Attack roll for Zagmar
_: 4D6+4 = [2, 6, 4, 1]+4 = 17
damage roll for Zagmar

_: 1D20+6 = [14]+6 = 20
Dagger attack
_: 1D4 = [4] = 4
dagger damage


Zigmar is run completely through; you came within an inch of entirely severing his aorta and killing him instantly, but he definitely won't make another movement for hours if not days, assuming he manages not to bleed out within the next minute. The dagger hits Ishka somewhere in the thigh-hip-intestines area (hard to tell which through the robe), and she gasps in anguish.

Grimnir, you're up. Will the villain manage to escape, or can you put her down?


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Out of breath from the magical beating he just received, Grimnir marrows his eyes. No more threats, not a word does he speak, as with the defiance that marks a dwarf he steps forwards to swing his warhammer at his competitor.

He lands a solid hit.

OOC: I hope this ends her, because we’re very low on hp and I can’t heal us until after a long rest...

Warhammer: 1D20+5 = [19]+5 = 24
1D8+3 = [3]+3 = 6


Ishka goes down from this final hammer-blow, but in the process she shrieks loudly enough that you immediately begin hearing shouts from other cultists. They probably don't know whether she's one of their members or just another innocent victim pleading for help, but either way they're coming to investigate. You guys had best find a way of evading notice!

OOC: Feel free to invent some terrain, architecture, horticulture or the like, which would presumably exist in a typical medieval village, that you can hide in.

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