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Before the Rise of Tiamat


Once safely inside the keep Mornok turns to Grimnir, a troubled expression on his gruff countenance. "We pulled through that by th' skin o' our teeth. They seem t' be some sort o' cult, methinks. 'ave ye' heard o' somethin' called th' wearers o' purple? It came t' me watchin' that mage earlier, but I couldnae place it."

While he speaks, he gives Lyle a hearty pat on the back, and smiles at the halfling. "Ye' did well lad, not bad fer' all that."

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
OOC: Does Grimnir know about the cult? Do I have some sort of roll to make for that?

Grimnir nods, catching his breath.

”Too close,” he agrees, finally taking the time to magically mend his armor where he was gravely injured before.

”I hope the sheriff has found some useful information from his prisoner by now.”

Turning to Lyle, he adds, ”Everyone here?”


Lyle smiles in return. "And you two did a fine job sneaking, for people with two left feet. That's everyone from the church but not everyone from my list." He looks somber for a moment before shrugging. "I guess we can't really do much for anyone else while that army is still there though. And the dragon, although I still don't know why he's bothering with a place like this instead of counting his treasure and eating all the sheep he wants."


OOC: There isn't really a skill in 5E which corresponds to the old "Knowledge: Local", which you'd roll to be aware of important people in a given area or things of that nature. Given backstory, I think I'll say that Mornok knows no more than the vague hint he picked up, but Grimnir can roll because of his wanderings as a sailor, and Lyle can roll with advantage because of his direct involvement with the seedy side of Waterdeep society. I'll put the DC at 13; it's not common knowledge but neither is it super-obscure. So Grimnir has about a third of a chance to know, and Lyle has two thirds.

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