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Before the Rise of Tiamat


Pancaking a second of their membership is enough to break the kobolds' morale; no longer outnumbering the dwarves two to one, they Disengage and dash back out the broken-down door of the sally port, which now stands as an open 20-by-10 room looking out upon the town, which is enshrouded by dusk but lit faintly by the glow of several fires. An occasional distant scream suggests that a few civilians haven't made it, but for the most part, the few raiders you can see moving around in the gloom seem to have given up trying to hunt down the citizenry, and are bustling about some nefarious errand largely under their own recognizance. The group can tell that if they slip out into the night, the odds are fair that they can move about with relatively little interference, perhaps bluffing their way past the patrols and goon squads that are currently making Greenest their playground.

There is currently no sign of the dragon, and neither the temple of Chauntea nor any other significant destinations in the town are clearly visible from this angle. The once-reinforced door through the keep's wall has been quite thoroughly broken through, and Mornok estimates it would take five castings of the Mending cantrip to render it defensible once again. If it is left open, the odds are high that the invaders would notice it and begin concentrating their forces upon invading the castle, while if the door is replaced, whoever is commanding this attack would likely conclude that the party you just finished off simply failed or abandoned their mission, and might send one more band of thugs but probably not a full-fledged assault.

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Lyle takes a moment to look for his spent arrows. The one that killed the lizard is mostly fine, but a quick sniff of the kobold killing arrow reveals it's probably not worth carrying around. "I don't know what these kobolds have been eating but I hope it tasted better than it smells now." Lyle brushes his hand on the floor, then decides to look over the spell caster while he's standing there.

Don't know if this investigation check will be necessary but rolled it in case
_: 1D20+2 = [18]+2 = 20


OOC: Well with a roll like that...

The spellcaster is pretending to still be unconscious, perhaps hoping he could slip away when your back was turned; Lyle notices his eyes moving and puts the hurt on him, in his own unique fashion, to make sure he knows better than to try anything. Within several minutes, a trio of guards shows up to take command of the situation so that you guys can head out; they however have no ability to seal the door in less than an hour of work. One of the men goes to fetch a few more; the two that remain take control of the prisoner, but won't march him off until the reinforcements arrive. As they're getting the man up off the ground, gagging him with a scrap of cloth torn from his own robe and then holding his wrists to ensure he can't manage any functional finger-waggling, they jostle him in such a way that a scrap of paper falls out of his robe and Lyle is the first to glimpse it.


"Oh good I was 'opin 'e was still breathin'. Guess tha's the first task complete already. Let me 'ave a quick go at th' door an' we c'n be on our way."

Mornok has the guards hold the gate in position and spends a half-minute of spell castings to get it semi-functional once more. The whole time he bemoaned the poor workmanship and insisted that the artisan should be hanged and his workmen flogged for their collective failures.


Lyle snatches up the paper before he has time to think. A lifetime spent reaching into strangers' pockets has taught him if something falls out in front of you, you pick it up. "Gold never just falls out, does it? Ah well, let's see what you are."
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Umberlee gives as much as she takes," Grimnir answers Mornok's question about his health, and he grins as he shows the almost fully healed wound. Mending that armor will come later; the priest carefully pries the missing piece from the dead drake's maw and tucks it under his belt.

"Let me help you with that," Grimnir says as he, too, starts repairing the gate with magic.

"Not too different from patching up a ship," he jokes to Lyle, noticing the halfling holding a piece of paper. "What did you find?"

OOC: I knew that the Mending cantrip would come in handy! :)


Lyle's examination of the paper is fruitless; it is covered entirely in arcane symbols which mean nothing to him. He'll have to show it to his new friends when they're less busy.

Two dwarves are better than one, so the door is put back into service within literally seconds. With that attended to, the party sees their prisoner handed off, some guards take over the watch on the sally port, and they can head out into the night.

OOC: If wishing to attempt stealth, go ahead and roll for it; if your priority is speed instead I will take that into account.


"It's gibberish to me, maybe one of you can make it out." Lyle hands the note Grimnir and takes a brief look for the best route to the temple. "Keep on the balls of your feet and don't fall down, that's 90% of sneaking."


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