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[Beverly, MA] Looking for players - D&D [BECMI through 5e/Next] Mondays 7pm-10pm

Our group is in search of 2-3 players that can commit regularly to a weekly Monday night game that usually runs from 7:00 PM - 9:45 PM. When we can get enough players together, we've been playing a D&D Next playtest campaign through the Dragonlance Classics modules; when we've had lower numbers, we fall back to an episodic AD&D 1e campaign that just converted to Castles & Crusades last week. Age range is early 30s-early 40s, game style is semi-serious (plenty of tongue-in-cheek). Feel free to reply in thread or private message me.

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First Post

I am interested in joining your group. I am 47, so you can call me the old guy :)
I take the mbta, so hopefully the Beverly train station is close to the location you play at?
Free every Monday, so commitment is not an issue.


Hey LordBill, station is only a couple blocks from my place (I actually picked you up there to give you a lift to the Game day in Danvers last year). However, the only inbound trains leaving Beverly around our wraptime are at 9:28 and 11:20, so you'd either end up leaving the game early or have to kill time in downtown Beverly for an hour until your train shows up, since we wrap at 10. Not sure if that's ideal for you, but otherwise, we'd be happy to have you as a new player. Let us know what works for you.


First Post
That's not bad; I would not have to worry about being rushed on the way home. Ideally, there is a dunkin donuts or something open 11pm+ near the station where I could read a book.

What are you guys playing now? I like everything; just curious so I can think about characters.



Ivan Alias
There are a few cafes in the area, though a few blocks closer to Monserrat.

We have been playing the D&D playtest, and will be converting over our characters to the 5E PHB release. We're currently running through the old Dragonlance Modules in that game.

We also have a 1st Edition D&D game that we've recently converted to Castles and Crusades, but that too may get converted to 5E.

There is also a dormant SAGA edition Starwars game that wound down due to player availability.

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