Beyond the Rerisen Tower(DM Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g)


OOC: Oh, duh. I missed with my power, but the slide rider is an Effect.

Fredrock, you may shift up to 2 squares as a free action.
Edit: Or if you don't want to, I can move one of those militiamen and have him attack.
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OOC: I'm good where I am, next to the militia guys (so I can take damage for them)..and the undead would provoke an OA unless they climb around me where I am in J4.

Also, the Militia are all dazed...can they shift (take a free action)? One has taken his one action (reading a weapon), the other doesn't have his weapon equipped.


OOC: Hmm... I figured the militia had their spears out since they were listed in their stats. What say you, DM? If it's possible, I'll have the Militia at K5 shift to I4 and attack the adjacent Risen Dead with that readied attack.
You can take free actions while dazed, thankfully.


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We are alive, Fredrock-san! Keep the militia safe, this one will be up shortly! Kaz says, Flinging the Hulk towards him with a radiant blast from above.

Move: Get up from prone,
Minor: unsheath weapon.
Standard: Abjure Undead vs Hulk J20 miss. 28+5 (vulnerability)/2 = 16 radiant damage, it is pulled to I19.

[sblock=stat block]
Kaz Male Elf Avenger 3, bloodied
Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 22, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Low Light
AC:20+2, Fort:14+2, Reflex:15+2, Will:16+2
HP: 20/40, Bloodied:20, Surge Value:10, Surges left:9/9
Action Points: 1
Basic Attack Battlecrazed Executioner's Axe+1, +5 vs AC, 1d12+2 damage (+1d12 on crit, 19-20 threat against undead, +1d6 when bloodied, reroll 1&2 damage)

Bond of Pursuit
Overwhelming Strike

Angelic Alacrity
Oath of Enmity
Abjure Undead/Divine Guidance
Sequestering Strike
Avenger's Resolve
Second Wind
Elven Accuracy

Aspect of Might
Battlecrazed Executioner's Axe +1
Deathscarred boon

Non-elf allys within 5 square get +1 to perception.
If oath target moves away willingly, +6 damage to next attack. (Censure of Pursuit)
Can shift through difficult terrain (wild step)

[sblock=Note to healers]
Kaz is better bloodied (+2 to defenses, +1d6 melee damage), so feel free to heal others first :)[/sblock]


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OOC: How do the two maps relate to each other in terms of range and visibility? Can Scarmiglione blast any of the things on the beach with his blazing starfall? Can Toeto move her spirit around on the beach? I think the beach group may need some help.

As the lightning crashes into the party, Yishim's brooch glows with a blue light, dissipating much of the electrical energy, although not all. This is of little satisfaction to him as he falls forty feet to the ground.

By the gods, I was better off abetting communists in Daunton than fighting birdbrained undead on some forsaken beach!

He stands, and unleashes a writhing mass of tentacles from the beachsand. The static electricity does something to affect his spellcasting however, and he misses most of the undead. The Archer takes a tentacle directly through his spinal column, however, and is down. The tentacles take root, and warn any creature from entering the area.
OOC: I'll take the 4THP if Kaz doesn't want it. I'm not bloodied due to using an Item daily. BTW, do you get just 1 item daily per day, or can you fire them all off between extended rests?

Immediate Interrupt when hit by lighting - Brooch of Shielding (Item Daily) grants resist 10 all from this attack. As a result I'm just damaged, not bloodied.
Move: Stand
Standard: Enlarged Grasping shadows on K3. Attack vs Will on Hulk I1, Dead K1, Archer M1 (1d20+7=9, 1d20+7=8, 1d20+7=27). Kills Archer with a crit, miss the other two. Any creature that enters the area takes 5 psychic damage and is slowed until the end of its next turn.
Orb of Deception: Reroute missed attack vs. Dead in G1 (1d20+9=11) Misses. What horrible rolls.

If Kaz doesn't want it, I'll take the 4 THP.[/sblock][sblock=Yishim Stat Block]Yishim- Male Human Wizard 3
Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 17
AC:18, Fort:13, Reflex:18, Will:17, Resist 10 Force -- Speed:6
HP:16+4/29, Bloodied:14, Surge Value:7, Surges left:6/6
Initiative +5
Action Points: 0, Second Wind: not used
Powers: Scorching Burst, Chilling Cloud, Phantom Bolt, Shield, Grasping Shadows, Maze of Mirrors, Orb of Deception, Phantom Chasm, Orb of Unintended Consequences, Brooch of Shielding[/sblock]

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
OOC: I hate to ask, but where is Uyanmas in all this? Salgyn wouldn't have left the horse aboard ship. Also, I'm assuming that Salgyn can start his turn with his shaman implement drawn, but not his sword?

GM: We'll assume that your horse is being led by the Mason ATM. I always forget about mounts.

As for the militia, monsters/NPCs use slightly different rules so consider them to all have Quick Draw.

The distance between one battlefield and the other is listed under the Terrain sblock: 40' (8 squares) of vertical cliff or 50 squares of beach/switchbacks.

Just waiting for pacdidj I think.


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OOC: But the battlefields don't match up in any obvious way. I'm not sure how to measure distance (for the purpose of a ranged attack) from someone on the switchback to a creature on the beach.

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
OOC: But the battlefields don't match up in any obvious way. I'm not sure how to measure distance (for the purpose of a ranged attack) from someone on the switchback to a creature on the beach.

GM: Ah, I get what you mean now. I suppose the easiest way is to assume column 1 on one map is the same as column 1 on the other and the beach map just extends further than the switchback.


OOC: Retconned my post to let the militia take use of the 2 slide. Well, it's not exactly a retcon since the militia was readying his attack anyway.

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