Beyond the Rerisen Tower(DM Iron Sky, Judge: renau1g)


"I am only taking a little vacation and the destination is not terribly important."
Eithal raises her eyebrows in surprise at the kenku's appearance, and shakes her head, almost laughing at his naivete, "Mah Mama yewstah tayell me thayat iff'n yew don' make a deecision, yew'll get won mayed foah yew."[sblock=Translation from Southernbellese]My Mama used to ttell me that if you don't make a decision, you'll get one made for you.[/sblock]
Captain Boundling looks at Scarmiglione then at the group, the usually lighthearted halfling looks quite serious. "Is this one with you? Stowaways get left by the shore at best or simply thrown overboard..."
Eithal shakes her head, "Ah nayevah seen heyim befowah in mah lahf."[sblock=Translation]I've never seen him before in my life.[/sblock]
"Now see here!" says Scarmiglione, straightening his cape and drawing himself up huffily. "I am not a 'stowaway,' and my being on the wrong boat is hardly justification for getting tossed overboard like yesterday's dinner. And I should not be expected to pay for passage when I have no idea where in the world I am going!"
She laughs nervously again, looking at the confused bird-man, "Whayell mah frayend, Ah'm 'frayed it does mayatah whayah yew're gowin'. Weah all hayedded to wah, an' looks lahk yew jus' been reecrewted." She slaps him on the back, "Yew maht want tah talk weyith ole Freddie ovah thaya." She points in the dwarf's direction.[sblock=Translation]She laughs nervously again, looking at the confused bird-man, "Well, my friend, I'm afraid it does matter where you're going. We're all headed to war, and it looks like you've just been recruited." She slaps him on the back, "You might want to talk with old Freddie over there" She points in the dwarf's direction.[/sblock]
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Paying little attention to Eithal, whom he doesn't find to be much worth listening to, Scarmiglione looks back and forth between the militia--whose uniforms make them almost indistinguishable from one another, at least to him--and the oddly assorted group that accompanies them. A dwarf? A giant? A lizard? A horse? This doesn't seem like any war party he's ever heard of. And yet this expedition seems to have some sort of official sanction. Scarmiglione wonders who commissioned it. It occurs to him that if he were to return to Daunton, this would be the very group of individuals to do it with: none of his former acquaintance would ever think to look for him in the company of such people as these. And it probably wouldn't be too much trouble to get away from them, if it came to that.

"I see. You intend to frighten and terrorize me into joining your little undead-clearing expedition with your tasteless threats of throwing me overboard and such. A trifle overdone, perhaps, but one shouldn't be too critical of amateurs... Very well, consider me cowed into obedience. You can stop glaring at me, sirrah,"--this is addressed to the captain--"I assure you I am quite thoroughly intimidated and would never even think to risk incurring your wrath to the extent that you might realize the quaint little threat you made earlier." (Scarmiglione does not look the slightest bit intimidated.) "So now that we all understand how thoroughly I am persuaded to join your cause, perhaps you will all go back to your preparations and allow a fellow to enjoy some horse-free sea air."

With that, Scarmiglione turns to watch the passing seascape.

[sblock=OOC]If he's not interfered with, Scarm's activity will be "Keep a lookout."[/sblock]

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: I'll try update sometime tomorrow - but I've got several tests to give/help with, a couple after-parties I'll probably be going to and maybe some RL Dark Sun if I'm not... so, probably Sunday before I can update. Sorry for the delay.
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Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
The Illest Omen sails north for a full day, with one brief stop-over. Scar spots the glimmer of gold in a small sea cave towards dark and, through sheer power of personality, convinces the captain to lay anchor briefly to investigate in a rowboat.

[sblock=Mewness only]You find the small shrine, bare of all but a few nubs of wax, some vials, and a small golden statue of what is presumably a goddess, holding up the sun as though warding off the darkness.

You may take as much of it as you desire(see your Mechanical Benefits sblock).[/sblock]

Toeto joins Bounding and his crew and by the end of the day is scampering around the rigging like a true sailor.

GM: Benefits: The ship arrives earlier than it otherwise would have.

Fredrock spends the whole day running drills on the deck, lunge, parry, thrust, advance, retreat, etc. By the end of the day, the militia almost look like a capable fighting force.

GM: Benefits: The militia gain a level.

Yishim and Salgyn, meanwhile, chat it up with everyone, talking tactics, telling stories, and the like.

GM: When Yishim or Salgyn are adjacent to an ally, they and the ally gain +2 to saving throws. While they are flanking with an ally, they and the ally do +2 damage.

Eithal strings up a hammock on the aft-castle and watches the coastline drift by, naps, and listens as Kaz reads the journal to the group.

GM: Eithal gains 20 temporary hit points.

Kaz reads the journal entries below, with more to come.

The next morning, not long after dawn, the ship arrives at the docks at the base of the cliffs. Far above, the tower rises above the cliff, its windows and arrow-slits dark. Ravens circle it slowly and silently.

Boundling looks up at the dozen switch-backs cutting back-and-forth across the cliffs. "Doesn't look too friendly. If you want, maybe we could sail up the coast a ways and find someplace else to disembark - someplace where you aren't exposed the whole way up. It could take a couple more hours, but it could we worth it if they don't see you coming..."

[sblock=Journal Entry 4]The following entry is dated for the next day.

One of the scouts, Tardik, came back. He said something took Sarah while they were in the woods. One minute they were riding along a game trail, the next, he looked back and her horse was gone. Found it lying ten feet off the trail, disemboweled, Sarah gone. Never heard or saw a thing.

He said they made it as far as the ruins in the hills and saw some cave entrances in a cliff face beyond the ruins. They decided they were going to camp but quickly decided against it when hundreds of those damned ravens began landing atop the broken walls, watching them with their gleaming red eyes.

They headed into the woods, into a deep fog that left chills in them despite the warmth of the evening. There was no discussion of rest after that.

Some time in the morning, after a long night of plodding through the dark wood, something took Sarah. Tardik made it back here around dinner and told his story. No one had an appetite after we heard it, especially when our lookouts said they saw dozens of ravens circling the wood. Fogwood we call it now.

Gods, I just want to go back to Daunton.

[sblock=Journal Entry 5]The next entry is undated. It looks like it's scribbled quickly.

my gods. one of those ravens somehow squeezed in through an arrow slit and took reya's eye. woke up to her screaming in the dark. arren almost killed dya trying to stab the damn thing with his spear. Cale walked in and killed it with a single swing of his sword.

on his orders, we boarded up the arrow slits and windows to keep something like that from happening again.

i didn't tell anyone, but right before reya's screams woke me, i had a nightmare of being hunted through a foggy wood. in the distance i could see light in the tower and i struggled towards it, knowing there was safety there. it seemed like hours of terror, the fog draining the very life from my bones and the absolute knowledge that something was tracking me, just waiting for me to stop or slow...

i was chilled to the bone, shivering, and when i finally stumbled through the tower door, everyone was dead.

a figure stood in the center of the room, dead eyes peering through a blank mask, its arms seeming to end in feathered wings.

the words were in my head, alien, like someone... some thing else was inside my mind

- you die -

not sleeping tonight
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[sblock=OOC (on the "keeping a lookout" benefit)]Scarmiglione will take the shiny object (ooh, shiny!) but give the holy water to somebody else as it isn't much use to him.

So there's one L6 vial of holy water up for grabs--maybe Eithal or Kaz can take it?[/sblock]

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
GM: Side note: I need character portraits for Yishim and Toeto. If you don't have one, I'll see what I can come up with for you.


OOC: Toeto has a portrait on the wiki here, if that will work.

Boundling said:
"Doesn't look too friendly. If you want, maybe we could sail up the coast a ways and find someplace else to disembark - someplace where you aren't exposed the whole way up. It could take a couple more hours, but it could we worth it if they don't see you coming..."

Toeto sounds unconvinced. "The birds will see us wherever we land. At least here, there is known shelter."


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This one knows that friend Toeto is right. The birds will be looking and watching for us, it is better to get to the tower quickly, to make sure our friends are safe. Kaz says.


Those Ravens are dangerous, yes, but not so much that we should postpone our landing for hours. We need to get to that tower without delay, lives depend on it. Fredrock says, still holding out hope that Livia...and Cale are still alive and at the tower.

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